About Vegan Mum

Fun facts about me:

  • I really do enjoy cold water swimming in the North Sea
  • Live in a 400 year old house, with quite a lot of non-vegan spiders
  • I’ve been vegan since 2017
  • Raised a vegetarian family before that
  • Run a coaching business, supporting new managers and leaders
  • Manage to now consistently NOT kill my tomato plants. The odd courgette survives too…
  • I’m re-wilding part of our garden (and not just letting the grass grow!)
  • Occasionally succeed in following the 5:2 diet
  • I probably drink too much wine
Penny the vegan blogger and founder of Vegan Mum

My journey to a vegan life

In my late teens, I developed my lifelong, politically left-of-centre view of the world. I also became a vegetarian. For a time, I became quite militant until age started to mellow some aspects of my personality! My husband is adamant not all aspects, but he’s entitled to his opinion I guess…

I remained a vegetarian throughout 2 pregnancies. During my 3rd pregnancy, succumbing to well-meaning, but misinformed, GP advice I temporarily re-introduced meat into my diet.

Nonetheless, my children were still raised as vegetarians, thriving on old favourites like Rose Elliot’s lentil and red pepper sauce, tofu desserts and Linda McCartney’s recipe for pea and vegeburger stew (although I later discovered that my eldest daughter could successfully keep peas in her cheeks without swallowing them for hours until safely spitting them out in the safety of her bedroom).

Many years later, when my (already vegan) youngest daughter asked us to proof her animal rights thesis for her MA, my husband and I learnt about speciesism. From that point on, we found it increasingly difficult to justify eating any animal product and phased out cheese, eggs and milk, becoming fully vegan in 2017.

This of course includes everything from food, to clothing, shoes, bags, toiletries and so much more. We are very conscious of our impact on the world and all its inhabitants, and try very hard to live sustainably. Many of our efforts are documented here.

We will never reverse our decision. Once we understood speciesism, for us there was no going back.

Oh, and my eldest daughter, also vegan, no longer spits her peas out.

And so Vegan Mum was born!

Hopefully not preachy, but I can’t help being a bit evangelical about a vegan lifestyle. It’s so important to me.

Why Create A Website?

I have learnt so much. Not just about being vegan but about family, love, life. Maybe by documenting some of my thoughts and experiences, someone else can see what’s possible. I also believe that it enables me to carry on learning and evolving.

And to be honest, I had to find somewhere to publish all the dog pictures…

Vegan Mum Donates To Vegan Charities

I donate 5% of my profit from this website to a vegan charity on a quarterly basis. If you would like to know more, use my contact page to get in touch.

I Want To Hear From You Too

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