The UK’s 8 Best Vegan Dog Food Brands 2023

Image of Coco, a white lhasa apso dog, standing on a tree trunk in the sunshine looking into the distance

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Are you looking for the best vegan dog food in the UK? If so, you have come to the right place!

Going plant-based is a big decision to take on behalf of your furry pal and I’m sure, like me, you want to get it right. But with an increasing number of pet food brands out there jumping onto the vegan ‘bandwagon’, the choices can seem overwhelming.

I have researched the marketplace and identified those brands that demonstrate a commitment to high quality products, integrity and eco-friendly behaviours to help you choose the best vegan dog food for your canine companion.

However, because there are some confusing discussions out there about whether it’s appropriate to adopt a vegan diet on behalf of your dog, I have also answered many of the questions people ask in my FAQs at the bottom. If you’re well informed, you can be confident about whatever decision you make.

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Coco the Lhasa Apso lying on the grass tucking into a piece of lightly steamed broccoli
Coco tucking into her favourite vegetable - a steamed broccoli floret!

So which is the best vegan dog food?

There are many vegan dog foods available so I have considered the following factors when selecting what I consider to be the best vegan dog food.

  • Quality of ingredients
  • Integrity of brand
  • Environmental awareness

Like humans, dogs all have different tastes so don’t be put off if they turn their noses up at one. It is unlikely to be because it is plant-based; it maybe simply because that particular one is not to their taste.

I would strongly recommend any of the best vegan dog food brands listed below.

What about dogs with sensitive tummies?

Whilst a vegan diet is likely to be better than meat-based food for dogs with sensitive tummies, you may still need to consider certain factors like grains and proteins.

If your dog has any sensitivities or suspected allergies, it is always worth consulting with your vet. Some of the best vegan dog food producers below also offer free online vet consultations when you sign up for a subscription, so they can support you too.

If you want to go straight for a product designed with sensitivities in mind, here are a couple of options to consider. Both are nutritionally complete options:

  • Solo Vegetal is a vegan dog food range, formulated to support dogs with sensitivities and those on elimination diets. Available on Amazon – click below:
  • Use a kit like Fleetful to make your own dog food, avoiding certain ingredients. Holly at Fleetful is very helpful.

Any discount codes for the products below?

Yes, Vegan Mum has a couple of discount codes to offer you on some of the best vegan dog food brands:

  • Buy direct from Omni’s website and use exclusive voucher code veganmum10 for an initial 10% discount, in addition to their generous subscription offer. 
  • Buy direct from The Pack using the following links and codes:
    • Link to The Pack’s website here and use code PLANTBASED for a massive 30% discount on your first order
    • Use this link to The Pack’s website using code PACKSUB30 to get 30% Off Your 1st Subscription & 10% Off All Ongoing Orders

Here is my list of the Best Vegan Dog Food Brands in the UK




Editor's rating: 4.9/5



A high protein, low’ish fat complete vegan food for dogs, this is a relatively new brand, but popular with its customers.

They have versions available for all life stages of your dog and it is wheat-free too…and meat-free obviously!

They have a subscription service, with free online video consultations as part of that package.

The packaging is still all plastic, although Omni say they are developing a potato starch lined bag to become more environmentally friendly.

Reasonably priced, and Omni is UK based. I’ve also experienced helpful customer service from this brand too.



The Pack Vegan Dog Food

Editor's rating: 4.9/5



These high quality, nutritionally complete tins of dog food are also grain-free, an important factor for many dogs with sensitivities.

They offer free deliveries over £30, an ongoing discount for subscriptions and free vet nurse consultations as part of the subscription package too.

Made with premium, high protein ingredients, and delivered in plastic-free, recyclable packaging.

The Pack vegan dog food is really a great choice, and a fully vegan company too…

it comes in 3 great flavours too!



Noochy Poochy

Editor's rating: 4.7/5



A dry food/kibble offering, fully vegan and nutritionally complete. There is also a ‘puppy’ option available, still suitable for adult dogs too, but just a smaller nugget – what a great idea! 

Not only that, but it is harnessing the power of…yes, you guessed it…Nooch! Nutritional yeast, that firm favourite of the vegan world, now available in a vegan dog food. I know my dog is not alone when it comes to enjoying cheezy flavours, so this is inspired.

Made in the UK, this is a very sustainable and eco-friendly option for your dog companion, with recyclable packaging. And there is a wet food offering on their website too through a collaboration with another supplier.

My only negative is price, but you are paying for high quality, organic, ethically-sourced ingredients.  

If Amazon are out of stock, you can buy from Noochy Poochy direct – see link button below.




Editor's rating: 4.6/5



Originally producing cruelty-free grooming products for pets, the founders developed this great range of vegan dog food.

It’s high in protein and low in fat, nutritionally complete and hypoallergenic. They have a range of both wet and dry food and a useful subscription service that can save you some money.

It has some impressive supporters too, including the UK nutritional vet, Dr Arielle Griffiths, and Andrew Knight, Veterinary Professor of animal welfare.

So, another great plant-based company offering high quality food for your doggie companions.

You can read about Hownd’s grooming products on my guide to the Best Vegan Dog Shampoo



VegDog Green Crunch

Editor's rating: 4.5/5



This well-respected German dog food has great reviews, and is perfect for those dogs who also have sensitivities to grains and soya because it uses lentil and pea protein. It’s brimming with antioxidants and the magical algae oil too.

Recommended by Vegan Vet Dr Arielle from Just Be Kind Dog Food as it is particularly good for dogs with allergies and sensitivities. You can buy this vegan dog food online at Amazon. However, if you would like next day delivery, you can also buy it from the Just be Kind Dog Food website – link below.




Editor's rating: 4.4/5



What a reliable, tried and tested brand! V-Dog (originally under a different trading name) was established in 1980. This company really knows what it’s talking about when it comes to vegan food for dogs.

I used the flakes back in the 1980s to feed my rescue greyhounds, and they really thrived on it. V-Dog have more recently brought out nuggets too which can be pre-soaked like the flakes.

This food is really good for dogs that have meat and protein allergies and it is pretty low in fat too, so quite helpful for slimming down those podgy pups.

You can’t buy this food direct from V-Dogs currently. The downside is that it only comes in 15kg bags – that’s quite a big bag!



Fleetful Vegan Dog Food Kit

Editor's rating: 4.4/5



This is probably the most sustainable way to feed your dog a vegan diet, and it gives you absolute control over what they eat. This is particularly important if your dog has allergies or sensitivities.

When you buy this kit, it comes with the supplements too so you don’t have to worry about whether your dog is getting all the nutrients they need – they will be!

Your dog may take a little time to get used to the different textures (or they may just snaffle it down regardless!) but it’s worth it. 

The only other thing really is making sure you get additional vegetables in your shop, and whether or not you want to cook! 



Benevo Vegan Dog Food

Editor's rating: 4.3/5



This vegan pet food company has been around since 2005, producing both cat and dog food, and with a puppy version available too.

It’s not cheap, but you can purchase samples from them first before you invest in moving your pooch over completely. They do have a subscription service as well with a 10% saving.

As with many vegan dog foods, they have factored in the common sensitivities that dogs experience and their food accommodates many of them.

They have a good variety of food on offer which is great, but the non-recyclable plastic trays are a shame. Worth noting too that the organic range requires further, additional supplementation. Not sure they make that clear enough.

Vegetarian Dog Food

I have provided below a list of some of the dog foods that may look vegan, perhaps because some are referred to as ‘plant-based’, but that are actually vegetarian.

From both an animal welfare and environmental perspective, these may be better than meat-based options, although I would obviously recommend the vegan options above.

I hope this blog on the best vegan dog food in the UK has been helpful. I have experienced great, and knowledgeable, customer service from all of the brands above that I reviewed. So, if you have any specific questions about your dog, I’m sure they will be helpful and quick to respond.

Please see the FAQs below in case you have any more questions.

You may also find my Omni Dog Food Review article of interest if you are looking to find the best vegan dog food for your canine companion.


Yes, you can, but you will need to use supplements which can be bought online. See the Fleetful entry in this Best Vegan Dog Food Guide for more information on that.

Many people (for many reasons) want to make their own dog food at home. If this is something you are interested in, head over to my Cooking Food for Dogs page.

You need to be confident that a vegan diet will keep your dog companion happy and healthy. The best vegan dog food today has been well researched, carefully prepared and should be nutritionally complete. All those in my list fulfil these objectives and in many instances are proving to be beneficial. 

However, as a vegan with a dog companion, the biggest issue isn’t only about finding the best vegan dog food for your pooch. The question is, should you be imposing your values on them and feeding them a vegan diet, just because that’s how you eat?

I feel really privileged having Coco share my life and I hope we have a mutually beneficial relationship (as you can see, she kindly poses for me on tree stumps and I feed her lightly steamed broccoli florets in return!)

However, by necessity, she has to rely on me to make certain decisions on her behalf, and what she eats is one of them – quite a big responsibility when you think about it.

If you feel the weight of this responsibility too and are trying to make the right decisions for your doggy companion(s), I hope this best vegan dog food blog will help. I have taken the 2 biggest questions that people ask about dogs on a vegan diet and present the conclusion of my fact-finding.

If you have decided that your dog should go plant-based, then my research into the best vegan dog food hopefully also does the groundwork for you.

Of course, veganism doesn’t stop with food and if you want to ensure your dog’s grooming is also cruelty-free, have a read of my Best Vegan Dog Shampoos blog.

I believe the answer is yes, but based on what evidence?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that dogs are omnivores, not carnivores. This means that they are very well-equipped, just like us, to digest and absorb food and nutrients from plant-based sources.

Increasingly, research is showing that dogs not only thrive on a vegan diet, they positively benefit. The Pack have written a great blog about whether it’s safe to feed vegan dog food. You will find that they cite a lot of really useful research links in their article too.

However, the British Veterinary Association says the jury is still out as far as they’re concerned (at the time of writing this blog), so I have linked to their article on this so you can take a balanced view.

But, whilst I’m no scientist, logic makes me question the main thread of their argument about the poor bio-availability of nutrients added to vegan dog food. Those same nutrients are regularly added to meat and fish-based dog food – so why are they more bio-available I wonder?

Vets are not necessarily experts on animal nutrition, any more than your GP is an expert on human nutrition (and most will admit they’re not). Additionally, with big questions now being raised about ultra processed foods, that’s got to include the intense processing of meat for animal consumption right?

Research also came out of Winchester University from Andrew Knight, a professor of animal welfare and ethics. He said that providing plant-based pet food is carefully formulated and contains appropriate synthetic nutrients, dogs can even have better health outcomes than when fed on meat pet foods.

All of this research is incredibly reassuring and dogs’ human companions are certainly beginning to see some of the positive results a plant-based diet is having on their canine compadres.

Plant-based eating for your dog may not be absolutely perfect, but nor is the meat-based pet food industry. But with the amount of research now going into the best vegan dog food brands, I am very confident that it is the better option.

However, it is still important that you find them the best vegan dog food. Not all of it is complete, or appropriate for every day eating. And some ‘plant-based’ dog food contains eggs – not sure which plant eggs come from, but there you go…

Well, it really depends on which vet you speak to! And remember, they are not all experts on nutrition. However, all the brands I have selected below have taken lots of advice from vets, animal nutritionists and from the FEDIAF (the pet food industry’s European-based federation).

Enlightened vets like Arielle Griffiths, Director of Just be Kind Dog Food Ltd, will always consider plant-based dog food as an option. After all, it should be about whatever is best for your dog.

So essentially, yes. Whilst you will find some vets who are sceptical (just as GPs can be about us vegan humans) there are many vets who are well-informed, open-minded, up to date on the latest research and who are very happy to recommend vegan dog food.

According to the Guardian in their article on eco-friendly pet food, people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of pet food production on the environment. 

The article goes on to say that a quarter of the environmental impact of the production of meat is due to pet food, and that approximately 20% of meat and fish globally is consumed by pets. These are staggering figures!

So feeding your dog a meat or fish-based food is contributing significantly to greenhouse gases, and to the use of phosphates, antibiotics, and pesticides.

Whilst vegan dog food still has an impact on the environment (crops have to be grown, processed, packaged and transported) it is a far smaller impact than that of traditional pet foods.

A paper published on Plos.Org suggests that finding alternative protein sources for pet food would result in a significant reduction in the negative environmental impact of pet food overall.

Add to that the fact that vegan dog food producers are often newer organisations which, being vegan and cruelty-free, tend to be more environmentally-friendly by default as well.

So basically, yes, the best vegan dog food will be more eco-friendly than traditional meat-based diets.

It is technically possible for any diet that doesn’t keep your dog healthy to be illegal.

However, a healthy vegan diet is just like any other, and dogs can thrive on it.

So if you feed your dog inappropriately and they suffer any ill harm, you could be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. However, a vegan diet for your dog is not unhealthy by default just because it’s vegan. Using any of the products in this guide as instructed will keep your dog perfectly healthy unless there is some other underlying condition – in these situations, I’d suggest your vet should always be your first port of call.

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  1. Thank you. Just what I was looking for Please wil you continue to update as new products come on the market?(Also some indication of price range/kg might be helpful even though change/offers etc eg low, medium, high ££) Thanks again

    1. Thanks for the feedback AJ. Yes, I do update this as new products become available, although will only add those that meet the quality criteria. And I will consider price ranges next time I update, although as you rightly say, these can vary quite a lot.

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