Vegan socks ‘n’ drugs and rock ‘n’ roll

Socks aren’t just for christmas, although they do make a great stocking filler! Whatever the time of year though, you’ve just got to make sure they’re vegan socks, so why not read on for a bit of uncensored socks education?

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fluffy long stripey sock hanging on a tree branch with a backdrop of other trees and a very blue sky. Stripes on the sock are horizontal and in white, grey, red, light blue and dark blue, and orange.

One of the problems with talking about vegan socks, or any other socks for that matter, is that the word ‘socks’ is so easily interchangeable. And socks generally seem to create the opportunity for endless puns, but I really must avoid the temptation and just get down toe business…

What makes socks vegan?

an untidy pile of socks including multi-coloured striped and grey and white striped fluffy socks, and a pair of white socks with red heels and toes and pictures of cockerels on

Primarily, it is the material that the socks are made from. Many socks contain wool, and sometimes even silk, and as any of us ethical vegans will happily tell you, we won’t encase our vegan toes in anything that uses an animal by-product like that.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have lots of alternatives to choose from though, and vegan socks made from synthetic fibres, bamboo and cotton are all great options that can be just as comfortable, and even toasty. You just need to make sure they’re not blended with any materials that do come from an animal (like wool or silk).

If you’re going to get really picky, then you should also look at packaging, particularly if there is glue and printing ink involved. These substances are sometimes (but not always) derived from animals. But I know how tricky this can get and to be honest, most vegans will be pretty happy if you just get the sock materials right! However, where I know for sure that every aspect of the sock and its packaging is vegan, I have made that clear in the product’s listing in this vegan socks guide.

Best vegan socks

Here are some of my favourite brands that are either completely vegan anyway, or that offer a good range of vegan socks. Whether it’s welly boot socks for outings in the countryside, or for those times when you want to embrace that Sarah Jessica Parker look – you know, socks and the city – then we have tried them out here at Vegan Mum.

Unisex veg socks

4 pairs of socks - brightly coloured - with pictures of different vegetables on each pai, including corn on the cob, carrots
  • Material: cotton, nylon, polyester and elastane
  • Pack size: 4 pairs
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Vegan packaging: Yes

I love these socks. They are pretty bold, and make quite a statement about your plant ethos, but how could you not like them!

Available in one size UK 6-11 from Urban Eccentrics on Etsy. Buy direct using the link below.

Vegan Afghan slipper socks

2 pairs of folded knitted slipper socks in muted colours of maroon and grey, and blue and oatmeal, on a wooden table top
  • Material: Acrylic yarn
  • Pack size: 1 pair
  • Gift box: No
  • Vegan packaging: unknown

What an extraordinary journey these slipper socks take – the Etsy seller tells their incredible story. Anyway, they now offer this vegan version of their popular leather-soled slippers, so fill your boots…

These vegan slipper socks come in a variety of sizes. Buy from Etsy below:

Vegan sports socks

3 white spors socks one behind the other, against a white background
  • Material: Bamboo viscose, polyester, elastane
  • Pack size: 3 pairs
  • Gift box: No
  • Vegan packaging: unknown

These soft, cushioned bamboo sports socks are great ‘generalists’, absorbing impact and hopefully keeping those sporty vegan feet smelling pretty fresh too. Also available in black.

Available in men’s and women’s from sizes UK 4 – 14

Vegan burger socks

image of a vegan burger cardboard gift box in 3 stages of being opened, next to 2 pairs of brightly coloured socks with images of vegan burgers and burger ingredients on
  • Material: cotton, polyamide and elastane
  • Pack size: 2 pairs
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Vegan packaging: unknown

If you can ever describe socks as ‘fun’, then it’s these vegan burger socks from Rainbow Socks on Amazon. They come packaged in what looks like a vegan takeaway burger box and are very bright, so not for the faint hearted, or an introvert sock wearer who doesn’t want to attract attention to themselves!

Available in a variety of sizes from UK 4 up to 14.

Vegan wellington boot socks

image of a knee high navy blue wellington boot sock on a white background
  • Material: acrylic, polyester, nylon, elastane
  • Pack size: 1 pair
  • Gift box: No
  • Vegan packaging: unknown

These ‘Heat Holders’ wellington boots socks have an official tog rating of 2.34. With a fleecy cuff at the top, these thermal socks are positively toasty. I love mine and my wellies just wouldn’t feel right without them! I tend to keep mine on round the house too because we have hard floors that get pretty cold in the winter…

Available in UK sizes 4 – 8

Vegan walking socks

Pair of blue and black vegan walking socks on a white background
  • Material: cotton, polyamide, polypropylene, lycra elastane
  • Pack size: 1 pair
  • Gift box: No
  • Vegan packaging: Unknown

It’s hard to find walking socks that aren’t made of wool, or have at least some wool content. These Storm Bloc socks are pretty heavy duty, and a good alternative to standard walking socks. I find mine very comfortable, with padding in the right places, and warm too.

Available in UK sizes 6 – 12

Animal print children’s vegan socks

4 kids sized socks with each of a different base colour - white, pale blue, brown and grey and all with different animal pictures on including badgers and foxes
  • Material: cotton, recycled nylon and elastane
  • Pack size: 4 pairs
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Vegan packaging: yes

Animal print socks for those little vegans, and 4 pairs which is very handy if they keep getting lost – my grandson has an amazing collection of single socks…

Available in a variety of sizes from 0 months up to 9 years

I hope this vegan socks guide has been helpful. There are lots of other useful articles on my Vegan Mum Lifestyle pages. Some examples below that may be of interest:

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