Dr Vegan Review 2023 – how effective are their supplements?

Corner of Dr Vegan delivery box with their brand strapline of Better Me, Better Planet to support this Dr Vegan review

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As a vegan, it’s advisable to supplement your diet with certain vitamins and minerals. But with hundreds of dietary supplements available, all telling you how amazing your life will be if you take them, it can be difficult to decide which are the best vegan vitamins.

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If not, this Dr Vegan review will help. It examines the pros and cons of their wide range of excellent dietary supplements and also looks at how Dr Vegan helps you to make the right choices about which ones you need based on your lifestyle and diet.

Summary of Dr Vegan Review

Editor's Rating: 4.5

When I received my Dr Vegan supplements, they were personalised for me based on their amazing free online diet profile. Since then, I have been impressed with the results so if you are looking for an effective vegan supplement, I would strongly recommend Dr Vegan. They are now my supplement of choice for the majority of my dietary and lifestyle needs. Read this Dr Vegan review to find out why.



Ready to give Dr Vegan a go?

However, if you’d like to find out more about why I like these Dr Vegan supplements so much, read on to see my full Dr Vegan review.

If you’d like to find out more about why I like these Dr Vegan supplements so much, read on to see my full Dr Vegan review.

Picture of a packet of Dr Vegan 'Vegan Nights' supplements with a candlestick holder and a plant pictured at the end of a brass bed with patchwork quilt

Cruelty-free vegan supplements that work

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to assess the impact of some supplements without medical intervention to measure it. 

However, with three of the products I have tried that are formulated for specific conditions or symptoms, I can honestly say that they have been very effective. These products are:

I have found that taking Vegan Nights has definitely helped me to sleep better, and I feel more relaxed when I first head for bed too.

Partly because I am sleeping better, my ability to concentrate during the day has improved tenfold. This might be enhanced by the Brain Fuel supplements although these take up to 3 months before you notice the full effects according to Dr Vegan. I can’t therefore vouch for that particular supplement yet.

I also know several people that take Dr Vegan’s MenoFriend and all have had at least some positive results, including a reduction in hot flushes and improvements in their sleeping patterns. By using a combination of ingredients including phytoestrogens, botanicals and minerals, Dr Vegan’s Menofriend apparently helps to regulate hormone activity. It certainly seems to have a very positive effect.

It is on this basis that I feel confident to judge the other Dr Vegan supplements that I’m taking. Being able to see the definite results above gives me the reassurance I need about those other supplements that have a less obvious impact.

Add to this the fact that they are fully vegan, developed with nutritionists using bio-available plant-based ingredients, and cruelty-free too and it’s another win-win for me.

Plastic-free, home compostable packaging

Finally, a supplement that comes in completely plastic-free, home compostable packaging. That means no more virtually unrecyclable blister packs and half-filled plastic bottles!

Until I discovered Dr Vegan, I had only ever been able to find supplements in plastic bottles, blister packs, or hugely expensive, heavy glass jars. Whilst I appreciate the thought behind using glass, the transportation and recycling cost is not really the answer our planet needs.

According to Dr Vegan, a lorry full of glass containers contains approximately 50% packaging whereas that is reduced to only 6% packaging with these pouches.

All Dr Vegan supplements are manufactured in the UK, packaged in home-compostable pouches and even the seals are made of starch, not plastic. And the icing on the cake is the fabulous supplement storage tin that you get free with your first order.

I am really appreciative of the thought that has gone into all of the Dr Vegan packaging. Even the delivery itself arrived in an appropriately-sized cardboard box, with minimal, but very effective packaging to protect it.

This is a genuine environmental win for this UK based company, Dr Vegan. I have seen very few companies who have got this right.

Free online diet profiling tool

I love the Dr Vegan Diet Profiling tool on their website. It takes all the guesswork out of deciding which vitamins and minerals you might need. When searching for supplements online, or even on the shelves of a health food shop, the array of different ones can be quite overwhelming, so having some guidance like this is really helpful.

Once you have answered all the questions about your diet and lifestyle, the profiling tool will tell you exactly which products you will need. Clearly, whilst it cannot assess you with the accuracy of a blood test, it is still taking some very important information into account.

For example, it can quickly establish that as a vegan, I am unlikely to be accessing natural sources of B12 and Iodine. But it then goes on to make further assumptions based on other personal dietary and lifestyle factors.

It’s very clever and means that you don’t have to identify each and every individual mineral and vitamin because Dr Vegan will simply recommend the appropriate products that are formulated to target your lifestyle.

I appreciate that this can effectively tie you into Dr Vegan products, but it is really convenient, and for as long as no-one else is really competing on the eco-friendly front, why wouldn’t you want to use them? 

It’s a win-win for me.

Easy to swallow

I am a prize wimp when it comes to swallowing capsules and normally have to drink copious amounts of water and eat dry bread to get them past the back of my throat.

I’m not sure why, but these Dr Vegan supplements haven’t tended to give me the same problem. However, if you do struggle with them, according to Dr Vegan you can just open the capsule and add the contents to your food or drink – how simple is that?!

There are a lot of products to choose from

It might sound a bit daft, but this can be a problem. Even with the profiling tool, the choice can still be a little overwhelming, although Dr Vegan tries to make it easier by grouping together supplements that treat a certain set of symptoms or deficiencies.

However, that can reveal another issue. The profile tool may recommend a number of products for you where there is a crossover of ingredients. For example, you may get B Vitamins in your Brain Fuel supplement, but another recommended product may also contain them.

This isn’t a problem for many vitamins and minerals, but you may not want to take too much of some others. Therefore, you need to exercise a little caution when selecting your final products to purchase. 

That said, Dr Vegan has so much useful information on its site, plus a team of nutritionists who are available to answer your questions, so this isn’t a serious problem. Just something to be aware of.

Pack of Dr Vegan Debloat and Detox supplements in front of a bottle of red wine and a pot plant on a sunny windowsill

My conclusion from this thorough Dr Vegan Review

Clearly, it is difficult to review the efficacy of all the supplements that you take (I have no way of measuring whether my Vitamin D3 supplement is working without having a before and after blood test!) but I was able to measure the effectiveness of some of the others.

For example, Dr Vegan’s ‘Vegan Nights’ supplement has had a noticeably positive impact on my sleep patterns. I have also had great results using Dr Vegan’s Debloat and Detox supplement.

For the rest, you have to rely on the integrity, research and values of the brand that you are buying from. Having evidence that some of the supplements work obviously helps with that reassurance. The fact that Dr Vegan has a team of nutritionists, uses only high quality, plant-based ingredients, and demonstrates through its actions a genuine commitment to the planet, also reinforces my confidence in them.

I have been very impressed with my Dr Vegan supplements and have a number of them now on subscription, which helps reduce the cost (you also get free delivery which is great).

I really feel that in choosing this product I am not only benefiting my health, but also the health of the planet – all without compromising my personal vegan, cruelty-free values.

Corner of Dr Vegan delivery box with their brand strapline of Better Me, Better Planet to support this Dr Vegan review

Where can you buy Dr Vegan supplements?

To access their full range and benefit from generous discounts and offers, I’d suggest buying directly from Dr Vegan, although they are also available from Amazon. Select one of the buttons below to find out more.

I hope you have found this Dr Vegan review helpful. You can also see a more specific review of Dr Vegan’s Debloat and Detox supplement. And Dr Vegan’s ‘Skin Saviour’ supplements are also included in my Guide to the 5 Best Vegan Collagen Supplements UK


It can depend on the healthiness and range of an individual and their diet. So, assuming a vegan is consuming a varied diet containing protein, legumes, grains and fresh fruit and vegetables, they may still need the following:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Iodine
  • Selenium
  • Omega 3

Try Dr Vegan’s Daily Multi-Vitamin supplement, together with their Omega 3 capsules to cover all these requirements.

It’s important to say that individuals vary and you should always consider taking the advice of a nutritional professional if in any doubt.

You can also take a look at the NHS vegan diet advice.

With a large, unregulated dietary supplements industry, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

My research shows that Dr Vegan is a UK based company, staffed by registered nutritionists, and a UK GP with a particular interest in lifestyle medicines, amongst many other specialists on the team.

It appears to hold genuine values relating to wellbeing and the health of both people and the planet, and from what I have experienced personally, they offer good service and products that work.

Dr Vegan has a useful FAQ page.

You can also read more about my experience with Dr Vegan Review of their Debloat and Detox supplement.

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