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If you need a multivitamin supplement, there are certainly plenty to choose from. But the quality of ingredients can vary, so when Feel asked me to try theirs, I put my amateur research hat on to find out more. Read this Feel multivitamin review to find out what we thought here at Vegan Mum.

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Summary of this Feel Multivitamin Review

I like Feel’s attractively presented supplements in their plastic-free, plant-based packaging. The spectrum of nutrients seems comparatively well-balanced and largely appropriate, and although they’re not the cheapest, in my opinion this seems to be a good quality product that has been well-researched, and manufactured with thought. So if you’d like to know more about why I like this supplement, read on for my full Feel Multivitamin Review.

Editor’s rating: 4.7 out of 5


  • Beneficial nutrients
  • Reassuring research
  • Clean vegan ingredients
  • Suitable for most adults


  • Price
  • 2 capsules daily

This post has been sponsored by Feel, but reflects Vegan Mum’s genuine opinion of the product.

Do you need to take a multivitamin?

If you are absolutely confident that you are consistently eating a healthy, balanced diet which contains all the right nutrients, then you may well not need a multivitamin. But if, like me, your diet is a bit hit or miss because you’re too busy, too tired, or just good at finding interesting things to do that take you away from the kitchen, then a multivitamin could be entirely appropriate.

Consequently, I use a multivitamin at those times. I know they don’t replace a healthy diet but if it’s a reputable brand (like Feel), at least I know I am getting a decent array of important nutrients to support my health and wellbeing.

Word of warning: pregnant people should not normally take anything containing Vitamin A and should consult their doctor before taking any supplements. You can see this NHS pregnancy nutrition advice if you’d like more information, or take a look at my article – is a vegan diet safe for pregnancy – which also looks at supplementation during this time.

The Positives of Feel’s multivitamin

This effective supplement contains a good range of nutrients, and is made from clean vegan ingredients which are suitable for almost everyone. Read on to find out more.

Beneficial nutrients

Image of a Violet coloured cardboard cylindrical package, with its lid lying next to it with the 'Feel' brand logo in silver lettering around the front of it to illustrate this Feel Multivitamin review. The lid is off and lying next to the tub with its 'Feel' logo forermost. On the pale green material surface underneath the packaging are 8 of the light brown coloured capsules. In the background is a plant with pink flowers in a pale green plant pot

As you’d expect from a multivitamin, this supplement has been formulated to boost everything from your hair, nails and skin, to your bones, hormones, and heart – and everything in between. Of course, no capsule is going to completely replace all the vitamins and minerals contained in a healthy, well-balanced diet, but the Feel multivitamin does provide you with a beneficial range of nutrients that will support your general health and wellbeing. And Feel claims that the science behind their formulation also ensures maximum absorption of these beneficial nutrients, partly due to the inclusion of BioPerine®, a black pepper extract that is gaining a good degree of credibility in the science world.

Other ingredients include the increasingly popular nootropics – adaptogenic mushrooms – phytonutrients, turmeric and other plant extracts. I won’t go into more detail here because you can read more about the types of ingredients used on Feel’s website, but it all seems pretty convincing.

I find that these supplements are particularly helpful when I’m feeling a bit under par, or when I’ve not been following a very healthy lifestyle. Over time (and you won’t see all the benefits straight away), I have felt less lethargic, more engaged and focused, and much more likely to go to the gym! I have also avoided all coughs and colds this winter season which must be a first – Feel’s supplements do contain several nutrients that are intended to bolster the immune system.

Reassuring research

With so many supplements on the market, and with so little regulation in the industry, I would imagine that there are plenty of multivitamins out there that won’t have the positive impact they say they will. So, for the purposes of this Feel multivitamin review, I have carried out some of my own research and also cited some of my sources – see my Research References section below. But in addition, Feel have published a very comprehensive list of their own research into the efficacy of the individual ingredients which is both interesting and useful. Link to Feel’s website directly here, and scroll down to ‘Why would this multivitamin work when others failed?’

Overall, my experience of taking the product, together with my own independent (and amateur) research into some of its ingredients, gives me reassurance that this Feel multivitamin supplement is worthwhile in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Clean vegan ingredients

Clean ingredients is a phrase increasingly used by brands and to be honest, I cannot find a legal definition – see my Research References below (and please contact me if you know any different).

However, Feel confirms that their products contain no artificial additives, bulking agents, colours, fillers or preservatives. They also clarify that they are free from some of those more questionable additives that can be present in other supplements. So, no maltodextrin, no palm oil, no talc…the list goes on. And, the capsule is made from tapioca. Fortunately though, not in the same form that used to get served up in my school dinners. That would be gross.

Anyway, Feel claim that this multivitamin is one of the highest quality, and cleanest, in the world. That’s a big claim, but they have provided lots of reasons why I should trust them. And of course the product is fully vegan too.

Suitable for most adults

The Feel multivitamin is free from the 14 major allergens and is also gluten-free, kosher, halal, and vegan. This supplement therefore has a wide appeal and most adults would be able to use them. I am very confident about their credentials and they certainly fit in with my lifestyle and values – they’re vegan, the packaging is plant-based and plastic-free, and recyclable too.

However, some people should take advice before consuming any type of supplement, including:

  • before, during and after pregnancy
  • children
  • people on certain medications

This is not an exhaustive list and if you have any concerns at all, you should check with a medical professional.

The Negatives of Feel’s multivitamin

Without the available discounts and subscriptions this supplement is fairly pricey, but at least there is a solution to having to swallow 2 capsules…


Yes, that old chestnut I’m afraid – they are a bit pricey. However, Feel multivitamin is no more expensive than other, similar supplements and personally, I do believe I’m getting a high quality, trustworthy product, and that’s something many of us expect to pay more for.

Feel also offer a number of ways to save money on their products, including:

  • a fuss-free subscription service, giving you 31% off the original price, whilst allowing you to stay in control – the subscription is very flexible, easy to manage, and – importantly – easy to cancel
  • Generous bundle offers that can save you up to 25%
  • Vegan Mum’s discount code: PARTNER20

2 capsules daily

You need to take 2 of these capsules per day – have I mentioned I’m a wimp yet when it comes to swallowing capsules? They seem to stick in my throat for hours no matter how much water I drink – bits of bread are my go-to here. So although this Feel multivitamin seems better than some (maybe because the capsule is made from tapioca?) having to take 2 capsules still takes me to my limit!

Consequently, I checked with Feel and they confirmed that the capsule can be opened and the contents sprinkled onto food and into smoothies. Who knew? It works for me and I can add them to my overnight oats in the morning – just don’t add them to anything too hot because it could render the nutrients a bit useless. The only problem? It’s not such a good idea when I decide to have toast and marmite for breakfast…

My experience of taking Feel Multivitamin

Having had a busy end to last year, with too many late nights combined with lots of food and drink that wouldn’t make any ‘healthy eating’ lists, I was feeling a bit run down and a little concerned that I would be more vulnerable to those relentless winter coughs and colds. So, together with a return to my normally healthy vegan diet and an almost dry January, I started taking my Feel multivitamin.

As a result, I do feel like I have sailed through January and well into February unscathed – so far, so good anyway (although I guess I could still regret saying that)! January isn’t a great month for me normally, and I am generally quite sloth-like (sorry sloths, it’s just not a natural state for me), but I am actually feeling pretty energetic and, well…just a lot sunnier all round really.

It’s not just about the winter months though. I still believe that as a vegan I need to supplement certain nutrients all year round, even when I’m getting my diet absolutely right (which is not as often as I’d like it to be). So taking the right multivitamin is a good option for me anyway.

That said, a few food items I consume regularly are already fortified – mainly my oat milk and vegan spread – so when I saw that the Feel multivitamin contained quite a high dose of Vitamin B12, I did query it with them. I know I need to supplement B12 as a vegan, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking too much. However, one of their nutritionists was very quick to respond, advising me that B12 is water-soluble, with low toxicity and no recommended upper limit (and it’s excreted through your normal bodily processes if you have too much). And when I subsequently compared the B12 – and other nutrients – to similar vegan supplements from other brands, Feel’s product seems to be pitched at more sensible levels anyway, so I feel reassured by that.

So to conclude this Feel multivitamin review, I can genuinely say that I like this supplement and believe that it compares very favourably with its competitors on quality, price and effectiveness. But can I prove it’s the Feel multivitamin that has made me feel better? No, of course not. But when I’ve not taken them in the past, it has taken me longer to re-gain my normal equilibrium following stressful or strenuous times, so I’m pretty confident that they have played a positive role.

When I take this product though, I do make sure that I’m not taking any other supplements that may overlap on nutrients. But to be honest, if I’m taking Feel’s multivitamin, I probably don’t need the others anyway!

Discount code for Feel

For readers of this Feel multivitamin review, use code PARTNER20 at checkout for a 20% discount.

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