A fruity Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen review

This tropical addition to a range of vegan collagen supplements containing VeCollal® has proved popular here at Vegan Mum. Read my Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen review to find out more.

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When Feel first sent me some of their vegan collagen gels to try at the beginning of this year, I was a self-confessed sceptic – several months on, and I’m a big fan. So when they asked me to try their new pineapple flavour powder supplement, I dug out my dubious hawaiian shirt, tipped my sunglasses at a jaunty angle and generally prepared myself for a tropical treat. Read my Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen review to find out whether or not it was cause to celebrate with a collagen cocktail on the terrace.

Summary of this Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen review

As a fairly regular user of their supplements, I was pleased when Feel asked me to try out their latest pineapple flavour and to document my thoughts in this Feel pineapple pro collagen review. And as it turns out, I actually quite like it! I found their original flavours to be quite sweet, but this one – pineapple with just a hint of grapefruit and lemon – has a more sherbet-like tang which brings a welcome balance. So, if I had a terrace, I’d definitely be out there drinking my pineapple-flavoured collagen cocktail on it right now!


  • Clean ingredients
  • Good bio-availability
  • Effective


  • More ‘tang’ always welcome

Editor’s rating: 4.7/5

This post has been sponsored by Feel, but reflects Vegan Mum’s genuine opinion of the product.

The pros and cons

I have identified what I think the headline pros and cons are already for this Feel pineapple pro collagen review, but let’s look at each of those now in a bit more detail. I have also tried to answer some of the more commonly asked questions people have in my FAQ

Clean ingredients

glass of Feel pineapple pro collagen diluted with water on a table in a sunlit garden under the trees. In front of a tub of Feel collagen and a carafe of water

Feel pineapple pro collagen powder does contain sweeteners, including Stevia and Erythritol, which is why I find it sweet even though it contains no sugar. However, because these sweeteners are naturally derived, they are generally widely accepted as a clean ingredient, being more ‘natural’ than many other available sweeteners. You should obviously conduct further research into sweeteners if you have any concerns – some people do experience gut reactions to them.

The term ‘clean ingredients’ gets used a lot nowadays, but it’s not always clear what that means. With Feel, it means that their products contain none of the following ingredients, as well as being vegan and cruelty-free too:

  • genetically modified ingredients (GMO)
  • artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings
  • gluten
  • sugar

Feel pineapple pro collagen powder also uses a vegan collagen called VeCollal® which I have written about in other blogs (see Related Posts below). Many other collagen supplements are derived from land or marine creatures – cows or fish for example – and numerous independent studies have identified toxins and heavy metal contamination in some of them. Furthermore, animal based collagen does not replicate the full range of human amino acid proteins. So, apart from the fact that VeCollal® is vegan and cruelty-free, it is also replicates human collagen much more effectively and importantly, is free from toxic contaminants (making it a clean ingredient).

As I mentioned, I have been using Feel’s collagen products for some time and have not had any negative side-effects. In fact, my experience of these supplements has been very positive.

Good bio-availability

Tub of Feel pineapple pro collagen supplement with a glass of the supplement dissolved in water and ready to drink

I have had some very positive results from using Feel’s collagen supplements, including improvements to my skin (always welcome as a rosacea sufferer!), my hair and nails continue to look healthy and strong, and I’ve even seen some reduction in joint pain. Does this mean Feel’s pro collagen is bio-available?

A bit like ‘clean ingredients’, the term ‘bio-available’ is widely used and not always understood. My interpretation, after some research, is that if your body is unable to absorb a nutrient for any reason, you might as well not bother swallowing it! The world of supplements is sadly not well-regulated, so many are sold without any indication of whether they have been formulated with absorption in mind, and consequently whether it’s worth your while taking them.

Feel states that all its supplements have been formulated to ensure you get maximum benefit from taking them, and absorb the nutrients as effectively as possible. Hence they can claim the nutrients in their pineapple pro collagen powder to be bio-available. Can I be sure that the benefits I have seen are because of Feel’s pro collagen? Of course not, but given my experience I can only assume I must be absorbing at least some of them!


I am not going to claim that my wrinkles have disappeared, or that my neck and skin isn’t showing signs of ageing, because that would be a complete untruth. However, my skin is definitely healthier, clearer, feels more hydrated, and I have seen a reduction in redness since taking it. This product isn’t about to give anyone a facelift so don’t expect a miracle! But, if you already have a reasonably healthy lifestyle and diet, I believe you can expect a healthier glow at the very least.

So my experience with this product is good, and there have been hundreds of clinical trials on collagen over the years which have strongly suggested that supplements can prove very effective in a number of different areas. I have already written quite a lot about this in my other articles (see Related Posts below), including detail about the importance of the collagen molecule size to aid absorption.

Feel has conducted its own trials too which back up the findings of independent studies, and you can also find lots of customer reviews online where individuals have expressed their positive views about Feel’s collagen products, despite some taking issue with the price. On that note, I looked at similar products online and any that are offering a high quality product are at a comparable price.

So do I think Feel pineapple pro collagen is effective? Yes, I have always had reasonable expectations of the product and believe it has given me some very positive results.

More ‘tang’ always welcome

Tub of Feel pineapple pro collagen powder in front of a plant pot containing peach and yellow begonia blooms

It’s no good, I do have a bit of a problem with sweeteners, natural or not. They always make things taste, well…sweet. This pineapple flavour is definitely better for me than the peach and I find the sherbet-like tang quite pleasant. And I know that brands avoid sugar for all sorts of reasons – it’s taxed in end products, it’s refined and processed, and it’s not a ‘clean’ ingredient – but I just prefer it. It’s personal choice, and it doesn’t stop me using this product, because the benefits far outweigh the taste, But, if it could be slightly less sweet, I think I’d enjoy it more!

Vegan Mum’s Conclusion of this Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen Review

Blurry image of vegan mum in the background with a glass of diluted Feel pineapple pro collagen powder in the foreground

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m a user of Feel’s collagen products, primarily the gel sachets, and have found them to be an effective supplement with some pleasing results including better hydration, reduction in redness, clearer skin and less joint pain. However, I had been concerned about using the gel sachets all the time; they are really great for travelling with (or just sticking in your bag for later) but I felt there must be a better option for every day use that requires less packaging.

As an alternative to the gels, I did try Feel’s peach flavour collagen powder – which you mix with water – and found it was a bit too sweet for me, but pineapple with a touch of grapefruit? Well, now you’re talking…whilst still quite sweet, it has a lovely twist of juicy pineapple flavour but with that complementary tang of grapefruit which helps to balance the sweetness out a little. Whilst I still find it sweet, it’s much more atuned to my tastebuds than the peach. Vegan collagen isn’t supposed to have the same unpleasant, metallic taste as the marine and bovine ones, but I guess it still needs flavour to mask the fact that it’s…well, a supplement!

In case you’re wondering, yes, I know that you don’t buy these products for their flavour, but if you’re going to drink your vitamins and minerals, then they might as well taste good too! And whilst it still might not be my tipple of choice, it’s certainly a good alternative to the gel sachets.

I have not observed any degradation in the benefits I derive from this supplement since changing over to the pineapple pro collagen powder either and it even contains more vitamin C than the peach flavour. It is also a much more cost-effective option than the gels – at the time of publishing almost 50% cheaper. However, to my untrained eye, the pro collagen gels still pack more of an overall nutrient punch than the powder, containing vitamins A, E & B7 as well.

And of course, you can benefit from Feel’s subscription discounts, as well as using the discount code PARTNER20 here that gives you 20% off your first purchase (excluding their ‘bundle’ offers).

So what are my recommendations resulting from this Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen review? Well, I can write only about my own experience of this product, and I’m a regular user of it because I see positive results from it. I’m not mad keen on the use of sweeteners to be honest but they can be difficult to avoid, so I just ensure that I do not use any other products that contain sweeteners so as to minimise my intake.

So in conclusion, providing you have reasonable expectations about what a supplement can do, this fabulous vegan collagen product might be just what you’re looking for too!

Where can I buy Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen?

You can buy direct from Feel’s website here

Is there a discount code for Feel Pineapple Pro Collagen?

In addition to the significant discounts available to you through subscribing to the product (which you can amend and cancel at any time), as a reader of this Feel pineapple pro collagen review you can also enjoy a further 20% discount by using code PARTNER20 at checkout.

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A healthy vegan diet and lifestyle (with some supplements) can fully support your body as it ages, and there are some key nutrients that you will want to include for optimum benefit at any age. I do believe though that you need to remain realistic about the extent to which you can improve facial wrinkles and external signs of ageing, much of which is influenced by your genes as well as external environmental factors including exercise (lack of), smoking, excessive drinking, and sun damage to name just a few.

The important vegan food groups include:

  • Protein – tofu, tempeh, beans, whole grains and legumes
  • A variety of fresh fruit and vegetables every day

That looks pretty simplistic, but I think that’s because it is and this is not intended to be a complete breakdown of every nutrient you require! However, follow that general advice and you will get most of what you need.

I do believe that vegans should supplement vitamin B12 and iodine, and as this Feel pineapple pro collagen review has shown, I have also found Feel’s vegan collagen supplements to be very useful in supporting my health and wellbeing.

Healthline has a very useful article on ‘anti-ageing’ foods and recipes, although please note these are not all vegan.

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