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Does this innovative vegan collagen supplement really help iron out those wrinkles? Read Vegan Mum’s Feel Pro Collagen Gels Review to find out.

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Image of product being described in this Feel Pro Collagen Gel Review including a bright pink metallic sachet of the gel, viewed through the leaves of an asparagus fern

I had never tried a collagen supplement before, and so was very interested to find out whether this product could really have any impact. This Feel Pro Collagen Gels review lets you know how I got on!

Summary of this Feel Pro Collagen Gels Review

These innovative, ground-breaking Feel Pro Collagen Gels supplements are pretty impressive. They’re vegan, palatable, and although no-one is about to start asking me for ID when I buy a bottle of wine, I like to think I’ve developed a certain glow…


  • Easy to use and to travel with
  • VeCollal® scientifically-proven, vegan collagen
  • Feel Pro Collagen Gels actually seem to work


  • Great if you like that cherry flavour

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hand holding a sachet of feel pro collagen gel in a shower room setting

Easy to use and to travel with

These plastic-free drinkable sachets are brilliant for travelling with. Each sachet is a single 50g daily dose of the supplement so you can just chuck them in your travel bag and off you go.

No bulky tubs of powder to burst open in your suitcase when it’s thrown around in the airport. No need to refrigerate, find a glass of water, or a measuring spoon to dole out the right amount of powder. You just rip off the top of the sachet and take it from there, literally!

The sachets were bigger than I’d expected so I was taken by surprise when I received the box of them, but I think that was just my expectations. So they are roughly the size of a children’s yoghurt tube, but a bit stubbier. Of no consequence really, but thought I’d mention it in case you’re interested!

My only piece of advice for travelling? Put them inside a plastic bag before packing, particularly if you’re flying – one of the sachets had burst open when I received the delivery, leaving a bit of a sticky mess. That was the only one, and it wasn’t a problem just rinsing the other sachets. But if it finds its way onto your brand new t-shirt, bought especially for your holiday, you might not be so impressed.

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sachet of feel collagen gel in front of a range of feel skincare products obscured in the background

VeCollal® scientifically-proven, vegan collagen

At last! A vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free, non-GMO collagen supplement that doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings either.

Bit of a mouthful, but how amazing is that?!

Think of certain celebrities and their penchant for bone broth. Why do they like drinking it? For the collagen of course. So as a vegan, I’ve happily settled for having more wrinkles than my linen shirt rather than drink that – and on the wrinkle front, it’s close, believe me! 

But now, here is VeCollal® to save the day! It is truly groundbreaking.

Apart from the fact that this is completely vegan and cruelty-free, this collagen has lots of other things going for it that make it far superior to collagen from either marine or bovine sources:

  • Replicates Type 1 human collagen
  • Scientific and clinical backing
  • Smaller Dalton size*
  • More easily absorbed
  • No toxic heavy metals
  • Feel Pro Collagen Gels also contain other supporting nutrients

*Well, I never knew this Dalton size was a thing. But apparently it is very important, particularly in relation to collagen. The lower the Dalton size, the more ‘bio-available’ it is. And let’s face it, if you’re going to take it, you want to make sure your body is able to absorb it!

Feel Pro Collagen Gels also contain a number of other skin and hair supporting nutrients, including:

  • Vitamins A, C & E
  • Biotin (B7)
  • Gotu Kola
  • Ginseng Root

Probably important to note that collagen isn’t just something to think about when you’re older either. Collagen production starts to go into decline from your mid-20s, so it’s never too soon to start taking this fabulous supplement.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, this gel even boosts your fibre intake.

Bit of an all-rounder this Feel collagen supplement…

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Image of product being described in this Feel Pro Collagen Gel Review including a bright pink metallic sachet of the gel, viewed through the leaves of an asparagus fern

Feel Pro Collagen Gels actually seem to work

I have been using Feel Pro Collagen Gels for over 4 weeks now and am seeing positive changes to my skin’s texture, moisture levels and even structure, particularly around the neck.

Now, I’m not going to say that I look so much younger, people think my daughters are my sisters – that requires the kind of miracle that you can’t get in a box of supplements! And actually, I like looking like their mum…

But. There is a visible difference that I honestly didn’t think I would see (just call me an old sceptic).

The trouble is, it’s difficult to pinpoint. I couldn’t say that this or that wrinkle has disappeared, or that they’re a millimetre less in depth than they were before. And photos don’t capture it either – with slightly different lighting, pose, facial expression or even filter, you can help the camera lie as much as you like! So, I won’t insult your intelligence.

I guess you’ll just have to take my word for the fact that I look, well… better. And by that I don’t mean that better = younger. Just more of a glow, clearer skin and brighter somehow. And the most noticeable effects are around my eyes and neck.

This has been gradual, with little noticeable improvement in the first 3 weeks, so you do need to be patient. But do they work? Yes, they are certainly working for me.

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Coco the lhasa apso dog sniffing a couple of sachets of feel pro collagen gel

Great if you like that cherry flavour

I’ve never been a fan of that ‘cherry coke’ flavour and strangely, it always reminds me of marzipan, another flavour that I’m not mad keen on.

So, when I opened my first Feel Pro Collagen Gels sachet, I was a bit dubious and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take them. They do have quite a strong cherry flavour.

However, after the first couple, I got used to them and bizarrely, I now look forward to them! Don’t ask me why because I have no idea!

All I can say is, if you don’t like that cherry flavour, still give them a go. They might cure you of that aversion too, just like they did with me! And anyway, they’re worth it.

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Conclusion of Vegan Mum’s Review of Feel Pro Collagen Gels

Vegan Mum holding a sachet of Feel Pro Collagen Gel

Feel are very confident about this product, guaranteeing results in 28 days, and my experience suggests that they are safe to do so. I have definitely seen positive results, with a much clearer skin, more structure, moisture, better skin tone, and a definite ‘glow’. So much so, that I am interested to see whether continued use of the product will bring further benefits.

My nails are already quite strong, but I am beginning to notice a positive change to my hair’s thickness; I haven’t changed my hair products, but it’s probably too early to say if it is down to the collagen – I might just be having a good hair week!

I did have a bit of a gastric reaction for the first few days – heartburn and a bit of a bloat – but these wore off and I’ve not had any adverse reaction since. I guess your body just needs to get used to taking something different.

So overall, I am really pretty impressed with Feel’s latest collagen offering and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that others try it. (If you do, I hope you see the same positive results that I have had.)

After my initial surprise at the size of the box and the sachets within, I have to say I was very impressed with the branding. It is bright, colourful and modern, with just a touch of ‘science’ about it that gives you reassurance. After all, you are about to imbibe this product and you want some confidence about its contents.

Although not initially impressed with the flavour, I know that collagen supplements have a reputation for not tasting good simply because of their contents. That was not the case here; it was just my personal preference about cherry flavours, and I actually came round to it surprisingly quickly.

The fact that I now even look forward to taking it (and see it as a bit of a treat) is strange, but true! 

What surprised me most, and I suppose it was my ignorance of collagen supplements, was discovering that other plant-based ‘collagen supplements’ don’t actually contain any collagen. Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t that just a tad misleading?! They contain nutrients that are supposed to encourage collagen production in the body. Not a completely empty promise, but still…

Anyhow, Feel Pro Collagen Gels contain the first vegan collagen product, and one that actually replicates human collagen as well – VeCollal®. Not only that, it’s in a more ‘absorbable’ form than those supplements produced from bovine or marine animals. 

So, maybe those bone-broth-supping celebrities need to have a re-think and try this fabulous vegan collagen alternative instead. They could just save a few animal skins, as well as their own.

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Is there a discount code for Feel Pro Collagen Gels?

2 sachets of Feel Pro Collagen Gels falling through the air towards the box

Using Feel’s subscribe and save option gives you a 21% discount which is very generous. And don’t worry about getting caught up in a subscription that’s difficult to amend – Feel make this very easy for you to pause or cancel at any time.

Plus, new customers can get a further 20% discount using code PARTNER20 at checkout which is a fabulous saving.

Just use this link to go direct to Feel’s website.

Where can you buy Feel Pro Collagen Gels?

You can buy Feel’s collagen gels direct from their website – just click on the link below to take you there.

Use discount code PARTNER20 for an exclusive 20% discount

I hope you have enjoyed reading this Vegan Mum review of Feel Pro Collagen Gels. Please see the FAQs below for even more information.

If you’d like to know more about Feel’s products, you can also read my Feel Skincare Review. Or why not take some time out to read some of my other Lifestyle reviews including Vegan Mum’s Guide to the Best Vegan Collagen Supplements UK and Best Vegan Winter Skincare guide

Vegan Collagen FAQs

Is there a vegan source of collagen?

Yes, there is. Groundbreaking research has resulted in the creation of VeCollal® – a vegan, cruelty-free collagen which replicates the human type 1 collagen profile. Read more about VeCollal® here.

This is the collagen that Feel has incorporated in its Pro Collagen Gels, along with collagen-encouraging, skin-supporting nutrients.

Is vegan collagen more effective?

VeCollal®, the new, groundbreaking vegan collagen (which replicates the human type 1 collagen) may well be more effective for the human body than collagen sourced from animals.

Many vegan collagen supplements up until now have not actually contained collagen, only collagen-supporting ingredients. That has changed with VeCollal®,used in Feel’s Collagen supplements.

This true vegan collagen also has a lower Dalton size which means that it is also more bio-available to the human body than many other collagen supplements. Read about Dalton size here if you’d like to know more about that.

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