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Vegan skincare is a hot topic right now, and it’s not only vegans who want to use natural, kinder, and more environmentally-friendly products.

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4 bottles of Feel skincare products including foamwash, eye cream, serum and moisturiser to demonstrate the products for this Feel Skincare Review

Vegan skincare is a hot topic right now, and it’s not only vegans who want to use natural, kinder, and more environmentally-friendly products.

Consequently, there are lots of brands out there that claim to be all of these things. Is this new Feel Skincare range just adding itself to the list? Read my Feel Skincare Review to find out more.

Summary of this Feel Skincare Review

This is a lovely range of skincare products that contains high quality ingredients, and is thoughtfully packaged and delivered. With lovely, gentle fragrances and ingredients that are natural (and some organic), the products are light enough to be used at anytime and have proven to be perfectly suitable even for my outbreak-prone, sensitive skin. And with its great branding, this Feel Skincare Collection would look good on anyone’s bathroom shelf!


  • Fully vegan with natural, organic ingredients
  • Effective for all skin types
  • There’s a cream for everything!
  • Fully recyclable, mono-material packaging


  • Higher price range

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If you would like to find out more, why not carry on and read my full Feel Skincare Review below?

Fully vegan with natural, organic ingredients

All 4 products in Feel’s new skincare range use over 96% naturally sourced ingredients, whether that’s the nutrient-rich marine algae in the Smart Serum, or the Organic Pomegranate and Red Vine in the Reviving Eye Cream.

In addition, many of the ingredients are organic, meaning that their production is simply much kinder to the planet, and all its inhabitants.

It’s vegan, cruelty-free and contains none of the chemicals that rightly get a bad press, so free from:

  • parabens
  • sulfates
  • SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate)
Model Alice dabbing Feel's reviving eye cream under her eyes in the mirror
Alice using Feel Reviving Eye Cream

Effective for all skin types

Feel say that this range is suitable for all genders, ages and skin types. Well, I can account for that being accurate in several areas, having a…well, let’s say a more mature skin that is also very sensitive.

I’ve had rosacea for many years, but I actually found Feel’s skincare products helped to clear up a recent outbreak which was great!

My daughter has been using the products too (and has kindly modelled for some photos!) and she is a big fan too.

A tattooed arm with a blob of Feel's serum on, next to a bottle of the product and a sprig of berries
Alice using Feel’s Smart Serum

There’s a cream for everything!

Well, I think Feel has covered most bases with this range. I have been using all 4 products and each one has fulfilled its claims in terms of hydrating and reviving a tired complexion! The range consists of:

6 bottles of Feel skincare products falling through the air against a pink background

Fully recyclable, mono-material packaging

It’s difficult for brands that create skincare products to come up with alternatives to plastic. Glass, whilst it is recyclable, is also very heavy to transport, and more expensive to recycle, so can actually be less environmentally-friendly than plastic.

Feel have put a lot of thought into their packaging and use a fully recyclable mono-material. This means it can go straight into the recycling bin without being taken apart to identify different recyclable elements.

Model's face covered in Feel Skincare's micellar foaming facewash
Alice using Feel’s Micellar Foaming Facewash

Higher price range

Using natural, high quality ingredients normally comes at a price, and these products do sit in a higher (but by no means the highest) price bracket. However, I’d like to think they are worth it – your skin’s health is one of the most important things you can invest in after all!

You can also save a tidy sum by buying all 4 products together in the Feel Skincare Set – this works out at a 20% discount

Feel Skincare Discount Code

If you’d prefer to buy the products individually, opt for Feel’s subscribe and save service to get 15% off.

Then save yourself a further 20% by using the code PARTNER20 at checkout – follow this link to Feel’s website.

These discounts make this quality range very, very good value for money.

Range of Feel Skincare products against a pink and yellow background

Conclusion of this Vegan Mum Feel Skincare Review

Whilst delighted to have the opportunity to try out this new skincare range in collaboration with Feel, as a rosacea sufferer I was a little nervous – I can have some interesting reactions to new skincare products!

However, I needn’t have worried because using them has caused no issues at all (and has had some real benefits too), and whilst Feel’s skincare products haven’t been designed to manage specific skin conditions, it does suggest to me that this superb new natural range could be perfect for even the most sensitive skins. 

I have given my verdict on each of the products below:

Micellar Foaming Facewash

Normally a sceptic of foaming anything, I really felt this foam was light, but without melting into nothing. It was certainly robust enough to remove make-up, and without the dryness so often felt with rinse-off cleansers.

Reviving Eye Cream

A little of this cream really does go a long way, and I was using it on my brow line too to make those frown creases feel better! It has a lightly tightening effect that was very pleasant and it works well under make up.

Smart Serum

This was a popular product with me. On initial application it felt a little bit sticky, but this quickly disappeared and left my skin feeling hydrated. I was concerned that it might feel heavy when adding a moisturiser on top, but it actually felt light and refreshing. I have also enjoyed using it on my neck and jaw line too.

Antioxidant Day Cream

With a lovely, gentle fragrance, this moisturiser worked perfectly under make-up without the need for a primer. I enjoyed using it at night too because it didn’t feel heavy like some night creams can.

Overall, this has been a very effective range of products which has left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed without any adverse effects whatsoever on my, sometimes overly- sensitive, skin. The branding is fun and different, it ticks many of the eco-friendly boxes (as much as any beauty product can) and has a lovely, luxurious feel.

Using Feel’s skincare range gives you a sense that you are indulging yourself. And why not?

Where can you buy Feel’s Skincare Collection?

If this Feel Skincare Review has tempted you to try out this superb new range, it is available directly from their online store using the link below. 

Indulge yourself now with Feel’s lovely Skincare Collection

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I hope you have found this Feel Skincare Review helpful. Feel also have a great vegan collagen supplement and you can read Vegan Mum’s Feel Pro Collagen Gels Review here.

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Is this a Men’s Vegan Skincare range?

This range is suitable for all genders and all skin types, so yes, it’s a great range of skincare for men too. As well as being a great product, the branding would also look good on anyone’s bathroom shelf!

Are there other vegan skincare companies?

Yes, there are lots, and vegan skincare is a hot topic right now. But not all vegan skincare products are created equal and I have found Feel’s natural skincare range to be very effective, suitable for sensitive skin, and one of the more eco-friendly brands too. Feel has got to be one of the best vegan skincare brands in my opinion, hence this genuine Feel Skincare review.

You mention rosacea. What is it?

Rosacea can be as simple as experiencing facial flushing, but you can go on to experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • burning and stinging sensations
  • permanent redness and broken blood vessels
  • spots

The NHS has some very useful information on Rosacea if you would like to find out more.

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