With more people choosing vegan dog food for their canine pals, their choices just got even better with Noochy Poochy’s latest announcement.

See DoGood and Noochy Poochy’s joint press release in April 2023 below:

DoGood & Noochy Poochy Announce Joint Collaboration

a publicity banner for Noochy Poochy and DoGood dog foods to promote their collaboration

To celebrate National Pet Month, plant-based pet food pioneers DoGood and Noochy Poochy have teamed up in what is probably an industry first; offering their customers the opportunity to purchase both DoGood and Noochy Poochy as a match made in heaven for dogs who love both fresh and dry food. By offering dog parents the practicality and economy of dry food with the fresh nutrition of home-cooked food, they are making it easier for planet-conscious pet parents to enjoy the benefits of both in just one order  – through either of the two companies’ websites.

Both foods are nutritionally complete & balanced and made using premium plant-based ingredients, and both companies are on a joint mission to provide delicious but sustainable food for more and more pups, to save the planet and the lives of other animals.  By joining forces, they believe they are offering their customers a “one stop shop” for feeding their furry bestie the best of both worlds in an affordable yet sustainable and cruelty-free way.

DoGood co-founder Steve Hutchins says “it may not always be possible or practical to feed freshly cooked plant-based food to your dog every day, which is why we’re delighted to team up with Dr Lucy and the Noochy Poochy team to offer our customers the choice to combine our fresh food with Noochy’s dry food through one convenient order.”

Co-founder of Noochy Poochy, Dr Lucy Mckinna, added: “We think the combination will be very popular with our customers, particularly our regular subscription customers as the combination offers the possibility of even more exciting meals for their dogs ”

DoGood’s 3 flavours – Quinoa & Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Pumpkin, and Buckwheat & Squash, and Noochy Poochy’s Cheesy-Herby Adult 12mth+ and Puppy & Small Adult are available to order now.  Visit wearedogood.co.uk and noochypoochy.com to learn more.

Why is this good news for Vegan Dog Food?

Coco the lhasa apso dog sitting on a tree stump in dappled sunshine in a glade

We know that, like us, our canine companions fare better on a varied, plant-based diet, so the convenience of now being able to order such a great range of delicious, nutritionally complete vegan dog food in one place is a winner in my book. And with a subscription service too, it really couldn’t make our lives any easier!

Both brands share a commitment to producing nutritious, sustainable, healthy food for our dogs. They also genuinely seem to want to make a positive impact in the world, contributing to improving the lives of other animals, and helping to reduce our negative impact on this planet.

So for me, as an environmentally-conscious vegan, this is a great match. And good news too for all pet parents who are either looking to start moving their dogs onto a plant-based diet, or have already done so.

Whilst cooking food for dogs at home is of course a great option (with all the right supplements added), it isn’t for everybody. You may lack the confidence, be too busy, lead a nomadic lifestyle, have no access to cooking equipment, or just plain hate cooking! This collaboration between Noochy Poochy and DoGood means you don’t have to feel guilty about that.

However, if you would like to find out more about making your own dog food, go to Vegan Mum’s Guide to Cooking Food for Dogs.

So, for all of us who want our animal companions to enjoy good health, eat sustainably and live long lives, this collaboration between Noochy Poochy and DoGood is a great step forward.

Views on Vegan Dog Food in the UK

Coco the lhasa apso dog standing on a tree stump looking away from the camera, so with a good view of her bottom and tail!

Just a few years ago, even the mention of vegan dog food seemed to provoke mild hysteria amongst vets and the general public alike…

But, no longer! With research increasingly showing that dogs actually benefit from a varied, nutritionally-complete, plant-based diet (see the link to just some of that research below) perception is rapidly changing. And much of that change is being led by vegan vets such as Dr Lucy McKinna, founder of Noochy Poochy, and others.

In fact, vets are behind many of the latest vegan dog food brands, including Omni (see Vegan Mum’s Omni Dog Food Review) and this is giving vegan dog food in general much more credibility in the UK.

Link to Research by Linde. A et al. (2023) ‘Domestic dogs maintain positive clinical, nutritional and haematological health outcomes when fed a commercial plant-based diet for a year’ 

Would you like to see more about the best Vegan Dog Food brands in the UK?

Coco, a vegan white lhasa apso dog, standing on a tree trunk in the sunshine looking into the distance to illustrate the best vegan dog foods in the uk guide

There are lots of plant-based and vegan dog food brands out there in the UK at the moment, but they are not all created equal!

If you would like to find out more about Noochy Poochy, visit Vegan Mum’s Noochy Poochy Review where you will also find an exclusive 25% discount code.

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National Pet Month is an educational campaign run by nationalpetmonth.org.uk to raise awareness of how to be a responsible pet parent.

Of course, pet month should really be every month in my opinion!

This campaign also promotes:

  • awareness of the mutual benefits of living with animal companions
  • improving understanding of the role of pet care specialists in the community
  • the value of working and assistance companion animals
  • encourage fundraising for pet welfare charities

Increasingly, lots of reliable, independent research is supporting what us vegans have known all along: not only is a nutritionally-complete, plant-based diet good for dogs, it is probably better than traditional, commercially-prepared meat-based diets.

According to just one of many pieces of research now available, in 2022 the UK’s Vet Times published this: a new study finds vegan diet dogs may live longer

It won’t take you long on the internet to find plenty more research to support the view that giving your dog a nutritionally-complete, plant-based diet may be the best thing you will ever do for them.

You can’t say we didn’t tell you so…