As someone who is known to be a bit of a sceptic when it comes to expensive items that are supposed to contribute to your wellbeing, am I about to put my reputation on the line in this Neom Wellbeing Pod review? Well, maybe just a little…

Summary of this Neom Wellbeing Pod review

Hard though it is for me to admit it, I actually really like this electric diffuser and its little extras (dimmable light, breathing feature, and timer). I’ve found it creates a relaxing atmosphere, using essential oils to gently fragrance the room, and I could watch the gentle, calming spiral of steam from the top of the ceramic dome for hours. I know, I know, maybe I need to get out more…

Anyway, whilst there are a couple of things that mean it’s not perfect, overall, I’m very glad I bought this Neom wellbeing pod and it has pride of place on the bookcase in my living room where it gets regular use over the weekends.

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  • Very effective fragrance
  • Creates a peaceful ambience
  • Looks stylish
  • Useful functions
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Initial £ outlay
  • Can irritate respiratory conditions
  • Limited colours available
  • Not all the oils are vegan
  • Care needed when using essential oils

Editor’s rating: 4.6

What is a Neom Wellbeing Pod?

The Neom wellbeing pods are basically electric scent diffusers that use essential oils to create a fragrant and relaxed atmosphere (so no more messy oil burners and tealights)! My wellbeing pod emits a consistently well-fragranced vapour that gently but effectively scents my living room with whichever essential oil I have selected.

In addition, 2 out of the 3 Neom pods have lovely lighting functions too which makes them much a more integral part of the room. I bought the medium Wellbeing Pod, which has 2 settings, that throws out a gentle light. There is also a ‘breathe’ function on it where the light brightens and dims in a time sequence designed to relax and slow your breathing.

image of a Neom wellbeing pod - a white, dome-shaped, ceramic electric fragrance diffuser - with a spiral of scented vapour coming out of the top. It is also lit up in the dark surrounding space with its own integral light function

The use of essential oils to enhance mood and promote wellbeing is an ancient practice – for example, lavender oil has been commonly used to aid sleep for hundreds of years.

Pod TypeMains/BatteryWater requiredLightSpaceTimer
Wellbeing Pod MiniBattery & USBNoNoSmall/carNo
Wellbeing PodMainsYesYesMediumYes
Wellbeing Pod LuxeMainsYesYesLargeYes

Car or small spaces: The Wellbeing Pod Mini is perfect for your car or any small room. It doesn’t need water, is battery operated and also chargeable via a USB. You simply screw a bottle of essential oil directly into the pod and it will emit intermittent bursts of fragranced vapour at an intensity chosen by you. Useful if you know you’re in for a stressful journey, or simply to make your car smell great!

Medium sized rooms: This mains operated Neom Wellbeing Pod is designed for medium-sized rooms and is the one I purchased. It requires you to fill the small integral tank with water and to add a few drops of essential oil. Switch it on – there are also light and timer functions with this model – and the pod will send out puffs of vaporous fragrance.

Large rooms: For those open-plan living spaces, this larger Wellbeing Pod Luxe will be much more effective. Again, it is mains operated, requires a mix of essential oil with water in its inbuilt tank, has a remote control and light and timer functions.

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Why would I use a Neom Wellbeing Pod?

image of a Neom wellbeing pod - a white, dome-shaped, ceramic electric fragrance diffuser - with a spiral of scented vapour coming out of the top. It is on a dark wooden surface next to a shiny brass plant pot

We are a nation obsessed with fragrancing our homes, whether that’s using scented candles, incense sticks, reed diffusers, or oil burners. And now, we have electric wellbeing pods. So, if you are someone that likes to create an ambient atmosphere using fragrances that can help to either relax or energise you, then a pod might be perfect for you. It is probably far less ‘polluting’ than an incense stick, less messy than a tealight-driven oil burner (which I always end up forgetting to refill, and then wonder what that awful burning smell is), and way more effective than reed diffusers which just end up as strangely odourless, dust-gathering ornaments in my house.

Are these pods safe to use?

As with any essential oil (or any other fragrance) care must be taken when using a Neom Wellbeing Pod, particularly when there are pets, children, pregnant people and asthmatics around. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, and it is generally accepted that ‘smelling’ essential oils is safe, although applying them topically i.e. directly to your skin, may not be (depending on the oil). Neom says that its home fragrance products are safe for all, but you should ensure you have adequate ventilation in the room you are using the pod in, and leave a door open so that pets can move out of a room if they wish.

There is also some general health advice online that suggests you should run electric diffusers for an hour at a time, and then switch them off for an hour to take a rest from the fragrance. To be honest, this is good advice because you stop smelling it after a while anyway – fragrance fatigue!

I am definitely NOT an expert in this area, so do some research (I have provided some references below that I used as part of my research for this Neom Wellbeing Pod review) and if you are in anyway unsure, contact a medical professional. However, most people are able to use diffusers (following any guidelines provided by the manufacturer) without any problems at all. I can be sensitive to fumes and things like incense sticks, but have had no issues using my Neom pod. Nor has the dog. And neither has the husband…

Is the Neom Wellbeing Pod worth it?

Well, there is an initial outlay that is not insignificant, and essential oils can have a bit of a price tag too. However, once you have it, it costs virtually nothing to run, and you use only a few drops of the oil and that can last for hours. So after an initial investment, it’s very economical. Not only that, the integral light is lovely and it looks pretty stylish on your shelf!

I think it’s worth it, and not only that, it also makes a great gift for someone special. But that’s just my opinion…

Please note that this Neom Wellbeing Pod review is unsponsored, and I have not been asked to write it. It is based on my own purchase of this product.

Vegan Mum’s experience

close up of Neom wellbeing pod outer packaging which is a white textured cardboard box with gold Neom branded lettering on. The box is held in front of a large parlour palm plant in a living room setting

My first experience of seeing an electric diffuser in action was actually in someone else’s home. I had occasionally seen them in shops before that, but hadn’t really given them a second thought to be honest. However, when I saw it working in a home setting and experienced just how effective it was, I was sold! It wasn’t a Neom diffuser though, and although it worked well, I wasn’t keen on its appearance and quality, so I looked around and found the Neom range. I have to say, the Neom diffusers are much more stylish, visually appealing products and the quality is good too.

I baulked at the price initially, but after I had done a couple of back of fag packet calculations – OK, I haven’t smoked for over 15 years so it was a bit of paper to be truthful, but you know what I mean – it looked like a better investment once I’d worked out how many reed diffusers I would no longer feel the need to buy.

Now, if you’re not a fragrance kinda person, none of this is going to be making much sense, but actually, you probably won’t be reading it anyway, so I’ll continue. We live in an old house – a very, very old house – and sometimes, it needs a bit of help on the fragrance front. But that said, even when I lived in a very, very young house before this one, I still liked it to smell nice. I think we are a bit obsessed in the UK with putting nice-smelling things in the house. Maybe it’s a hygge thing (not sure I’ve spelt that right, let alone tried to pronounce it).

Anyway, to get to the point, I bought a Neom Wellbeing pod and one of their essential oil fragrances – Happiness – with neroli, mimosa and lemon. (Can you guess what sort of atmosphere I was trying to create?!)

After receiving my order, it was incredibly straightforward to set up and use; I filled the integral water container, added a few drops of ‘Happiness’, plugged it in and within just a few minutes it was puffing out a steady stream of fragrant, spiralling vapour. It works incredibly quickly once you plug it, and it is very effective – I love it. It has a light with a couple of dimmer settings on, although you don’t have to use that at all, and a timer and intensity setting. In addition, it has the ‘breathe’ function, with the light brightening and dimming in a sequence designed to help you wind down and relax. It’s not something I’ve felt the need to use, but others might like it.

I know that there are some concerns around the use of fragrance in the home, and with essential oils too, particularly with regard to children, pets, pregnant people and asthmatics. I always ensure my room has some ventilation, and leave the door open for Coco, our canine companion, to make her escape if necessary. But I also restrict my use of the product to the weekends, and I use the timer function to switch the diffuser off after an hour, then give it a break. If you leave it on all the time you stop smelling it anyway.

I also think that it is a much healthier option than incense sticks, which we would use sometimes, and we no longer use scented candles or oil burners either. So I’m pretty comfortable with the health aspects personally, and think that my Neom Wellbeing Pod is by far and away the best method I have found to fragrance my home.

Any downsides apart from price and being careful about exposure? Well, colour options are fairly limited, but I like them. They vary between nude, white and you can get a black mini pod too. And some of the Neom products aren’t vegan – all their candles contain beeswax for example. From what I can see, the only essential oil that isn’t vegan is the Real Luxury essential oil blend.

So, was the result of this Neom Wellbeing Pod review that it was ‘heaven scent’ or just a ‘steamy affair’? To be honest, I think it’s a little bit of both!

Please note: I have written this Neom Wellbeing Pod review based on my experience of the medium-sized product. It may be worth mentioning that I purchased it myself and this article is not sponsored by Neom (or anyone else!).

Where can I buy a Neom Wellbeing Pod?

I bought my pod, and the essential oil, from Amazon – see links below:


I carried out research for this Neom Wellbeing Pod Review, and am providing some of those research references in case you would like to find out more:

Wikipedia – Essential Oils – are essential oils safe?

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