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Saru, one of our canine testers, is a young red labrador. Noochy Poochy was a great match for her seemingly boundless energy, and nutritious enough to keep her, and her dogsby parents, on their toes.

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4.9 stars
Saru the fox red labrador eating Noochy Poochy vegan dry dog food from a bowl, next to a bag of Noochy Poochy to illustrate this Noochy Poochy Review

Summary of this Noochy Poochy Review

I think Noochy Poochy is a passionately ethical brand that enables you to feed your canine companion a tasty, highly nutritious, quality diet that is right for them, right for the planet, and that does no harm to other animals.

They really do succeed on all those fronts, so get the chow-down on this top-dog food here, in Vegan Mum’s Noochy Poochy Review (and find out why it has such a cool name too!)


  • It’s very, very tasty
  • Nutritionally complete and organic
  • Ethical and sustainable brand


  • Could extend range

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Coco, our own canine companion, has tested a number of dog food products recently, so in the interest of balance, we thought we’d expand our canine consumer panel.

And Saru was only too willing to help with this Noochy Poochy Review. In fact, she has now put herself forward for other trials too, telling us that she has a better palate than Coco anyway…a bit of canine competitiveness there I think.

It’s very, very tasty

Saru, the fox red labrador with her nose in a bag of Noochy Poochy Vegan dry dog food

Well, it turns out that dogs love a bit of nooch!

Saru found this Noochy Poochy vegan dry dog food incredibly tasty, and kept coming back for more. I think nosing her way into the bag probably tells us all we need to know!

‘Nooch’ is an affectionate abbreviation for nutritional yeast, that valuable ingredient which provides so many vegan foods with an amazing savoury, cheesy flavour. Most vegans out there will already know that, but worth clarifying for the purposes of this Noochy Poochy review, because not everyone reading will be a vegan!

But who knew that dogs would like it? Well, Dr Lucy McKinna – a vegan vet and creator of this fabulous brand – obviously did, and she wasn’t wrong. 

However, ‘nooch’ isn’t just about flavour. This inactive yeast is also very nutritious, contributing significant amounts of protein and zinc amongst other important nutrients.

Consequently, your canine companion can now enjoy that fabulous nooch flavour, and benefit from its nutrient-dense properties at the same time.

So, Noochy Poochy must be the only dog food company making healthy and nutritious cheese and herb flavoured kibble – think pizza bites for dogs and you’re getting pretty close. In fact, they really sound quite tempting…

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Nutritionally complete and organic

Saru the fox red labrador eating Noochy Poochy vegan dry dog food from a bowl, next to a bag of Noochy Poochy Vegan dry dog food

The first, and most important, thing to clarify in this Noochy Poochy review is that this is a nutritionally complete vegan dry dog food.

A few vegan dog foods – often those made by pet food brands that also produce meat-based dog food – are sold almost as ‘meat-free Monday’ products because they do not contain all the ingredients your dog needs for a long and healthy life.

Noochy Poochy is different. Using the extensive research that has gone into dog nutrition, and following all FEDIAF guidelines (the European industry standard), this is a highly nutritious, and nutritionally complete, dog food.

This means that if you feed your dog only Noochy Poochy, they will get all the nutrition they need to survive and thrive.

Because of their importance, some of the nutrients I particularly looked out for in this Noochy Poochy Review were:

  • l-carnitine (an amino acid)
  • taurine for dogs
  • omega 3 6 9 for dogs

These are all essential in your dog’s diet and Noochy Poochy contains all of them (and others) in appropriate quantities. Because of her specific health issues, the ratio of omegas 3, 6 & 9 was particularly important for Saru, our canine tester, as you’ll see…

What’s more, switching to this food means you avoid all the horrendous, and dubious, animal by-products that have been repeatedly processed in meat-based products before ending up in your dogster’s food bowl.

All Noochy Poochy ingredients look to be responsibly and sustainably sourced, and key components are also organic which is quite unusual in a dog food. This brand really seems to prioritise your dog’s nutrition and health and has managed to formulate a product which supports those aims, whilst still  managing to keep it affordable!

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Ethical and sustainable brand

Saru the fox red labrador, sitting behind a pink bag of Noochy Poochy vegan dry dog food, looking into the camera

There is a passion for ethical and sustainable practices that seems to emanate from this brand. Whether it’s the sustainably-sourced and organic ingredients, the strong desire to eradicate cruelty from the pet food industry, or the fully recyclable packaging, all these things reflect the ethos which appear to form the backbone of this company. You can’t honestly say that about many companies.

Noochy Poochy also has accreditation for ethical practice that you can find here on the Good Shopping Guide.

With 99% of the ingredients sourced in Europe, and the final product being made in the UK, you couldn’t make your dog any greener without dying their fur a fetching shade of lime (and I really don’t recommend you do that)! 

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Could extend range

To be honest, there isn’t much to be critical about in this Noochy Poochy review. However, at the moment, the range is limited to two products:

  1. Noochy Poochy Adult vegan dry dog food
  2. Noochy Poochy Puppy and Small Adult vegan dry dog food

It’s great to see a puppy version though, because not all vegan dog food brands have ventured into this area. Perhaps it’s because of the apparent complexity surrounding puppy food, but this brand seems confident about its formulation and reviews are very positive.

I suspect the limited range is because the brand takes the formulations of its products so seriously, and they want to make sure they get it right. 

And anyway, the current formulation is perfect for the vast majority of dogs, so like I said, not much of a negative. But, it will be interesting to see if they consider venturing into the ‘senior’ market, producing dog treats, and maybe even formulating foods for dogs with certain conditions.

I guess it’s a ‘watch this space’! I will update this Noochy Poochy Review if anything changes.

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Conclusion of this Vegan Mum Noochy Poochy Review

Coco the lhasa apso dog sniffing at a pink pack of Noochy Poochy vegan dry dog food
Coco hoping she could participate in this Noochy Poochy Review

There is absolutely no doubt that Saru, the fox red labrador you see in most of the pictures, adored the Noochy Poochy vegan dry dog food. She enjoyed it so much, she couldn’t keep her nose out of the bag!

All testament that nooch (nutritional yeast) is mighty tasty, and is clearly as irresistible to pooches as it is to us humans.

But trialling this vegan dry dog food for this Noochy Poochy Review wasn’t just about how palatable it is. The importance of its suitability and nutritional value was of paramount importance too.

Fortunately, Noochy Poochy made the grade on all counts, and gains even more ‘authenticity points’ in my opinion because the founder, Dr Lucy McKinna, is also a vegan vet who is absolutely committed to animal welfare everywhere.

Anyway, 4 year old Saru is a healthy and very active dog. She even goes running with her dog parents – and they all seem to enjoy it. (Coco and I enjoy running too, just much more slowly. So much more slowly that you might call it walking…)

Anyway, for that reason, and because of Saru’s elbow dysplasia and potential for worsening arthritis as she ages, the nutrient profile of the food that she eats is rightly high on her dog parents’ priority list.

So, there were 2 elements that particularly stood out for them, although not to the exclusion of other essential nutrients. These were:

  • protein – Noochy Poochy has a very healthy 28% coming from a range of ingredients including soya beans, lentils and peas
  • omegas 3 6 9 – again, Noochy Poochy delivers admirably on these

Combined with all the other impressive, and hugely important, nutrients like the amino acids methionine, carnitine and taurine, Saru’s dog parents were very happy that this food is a healthy option which would continue to keep her active and healthy as she gets older.

And so, back to the taste. The addition of nutritional yeast to Noochy Poochy was an inspired idea. It adds so much flavour, but is also makes an important contribution to the nutritional profile, as it does for human vegans. And why shouldn’t dogs enjoy the taste of their food as much as we enjoy ours?

For anyone concerned about associations with the yeast infections you can see in dogs however, be assured that there is no link. Nutritional yeast is inactive, and could not cause or worsen any yeast-based skin infection. You can read more here from founding vet Dr Lucy’s explanation about yeast

So, if you’re thinking about feeding your canine companion a diet that is kind to your dog, kind to other animals, and better for the environment, you really can’t go wrong with this impressive vegan dry dog food. 

The final word though must go to Saru. We think her feelings about this vegan dry dog food come through loud and clear in this Noochy Poochy Review. And if we could get her nose out of the bag for a minute, I suspect that she would strongly recommend that you ‘Nooch your Pooch’ as soon as possible.

And who could disagree with that?

Where can you buy Noochy Poochy?

I’ve read this Noochy Poochy Review and…

…yes, I’m ready to ‘nooch my pooch’!

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This vegan dry dog food is available direct from the Noochy Poochy online store on their website

Alternatively, you can buy Noochy Poochy from Amazon:

Noochy Poochy for adult dogs

Noochy Poochy for puppies and small adults

If you’re still not sure, why not try one of their 30g sample packs, also available from Noochy Poochy’s online store.

Saru reckons it’s a very straightforward ordering process.

Saru the fox red labrador looking up at a falling Noochy Poochy biscuit
Saru preparing to catch a Noochy Poochy biscuit

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  2. Then sign up for an easy to manage Noochy Poochy subscription which will give you an ongoing (lower) lifetime discount.
  3. You can also benefit from free shipping on orders over £50

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Please note: the Vegan Mum discount will not work on Amazon and applies to purchases direct from Noochy Poochy only.

FAQs for this Noochy Poochy Review

How do I transition my dog to a vegan diet?

Moving your dog over to a vegan diet is no different from changing them from one meat-based food to another (providing the vegan product you are transitioning them to is nutritionally complete, like Noochy Poochy).

It is always important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when transitioning your dog from one food to another. However, a rule of thumb is to introduce new foods slowly, over a 1-2 week period, increasing the quantity of the new food gradually.

Could dogs be healthier on a vegan diet than on a meat-based one?

There is emerging evidence to suggest that dogs fed a vegan diet can live longer, and with fewer reported ailments than those fed on a meat-based diet. Even the BVA (British Veterinary Association) is now reviewing its stance in light of new research (at the time of publishing this Noochy Poochy Review).

One such body of evidence is reported here, on PLOS (Public Library of Science)

You will find many more reputable research studies and positive findings being widely published.

I hope you have enjoyed this Noochy Poochy Review. You can also read more about Noochy Poochy on the following Vegan Mum pages:

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Please use the comments section below if you have any further questions you think we might be able to help with here at Vegan Mum.

If you would like to read further product reviews and guides, please go to the Vegan Mum Lifestyle page on this website.

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