Coco was very keen to try this vegan dog food, and got extremely excited once the packet was finally opened. Read the full Omni Dog Food Review to see how we got on.

Coco, the white Lhasa Apso pawing at a bag of Omni vegan dog food
Coco gives Omni dog food the paws up

Summary of this Omni Dog Food Review

Editor's rating: 4.9/5

I am very impressed with Omni’s vegan dog food. And so is Coco! With a range to suit all life stages, Omni dog food is palatable, nutritionally complete, made with high quality ingredients and is very affordable. What more could you ask for?



I’d first like to thank Omni Pet Food for asking me to review their ‘Senior Dogs’ product. This is a genuine reflection of my thoughts about that product (and Coco’s, based on her enthusiastic consumption of it!) Our dog companions are too important for me to compromise on honesty.

So if you’d like to find out more about this great vegan dog food before you make your mind up, please read my full Omni Dog Food Review below.

Omni is very palatable

Coco the white lhasa apso dog with her pink Kong dog toy between her front paws, eating the contents

OK, I haven’t tasted it myself, although being completely plant-based, I suppose I could. However, going on the fact that Coco wouldn’t leave the box alone before I’d even opened the delivery packaging, I think it’s safe to say that Omni smells good!

This assumption has been confirmed by Coco at every stage. To introduce Omni dog food to her, I first put some into her largely ignored Kong chew to see her reaction and it is the most attention she has ever paid that toy, believe me.

Step 1 successful!

However, believing that she wasn’t a huge fan of kibble (based on my previous experience of her refusing to eat it on its own), I have always mixed it with wet food. Consequently, I thought that the next step of introducing Omni into her regular daily meals might be problematic. 

Happily, quite the opposite has been true.

A couple of months ago, I had started feeding her a mix of homecooked food and another vegan kibble, both of which she was routinely refusing to eat. But with the gradual introduction of Omni dog food she became so much more enthusiastic, to the point where she now regularly polishes off both breakfast and dinner!

In fact, I now feed Coco a much higher ratio of dry to wet than ever before, and she will happily eat a bowl of Omni dog food on its own. Who knew?!

Omni has confirmed that you can also add a little water to the kibble if it helps your dog to eat it (think older dogs with fewer teeth), but although Coco doesn’t have as many teeth as she used to, I haven’t had to do that.

It may help that the biscuits are small and round, but they clearly also taste good, otherwise she wouldn’t be eating them. They smell appetising too, even to a human, and don’t have that awful, lingering odour that so many meat-based kibbles have.

Strangely, Coco smells better too…

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Omni dog food has a product for every life stage

Coco the white lhasa apso dog looking into the camera with a duck-shaped dog toy in her mouth

At nearly 10 years old, Coco has been trying out Omni’s vet formulated, plant-based food for senior dogs and she is loving it. 

This product has been carefully crafted to take into account the dietary requirements of an older dog. This includes lower protein and fat levels, and all the nutrients required to support their cognitive and joint health.

Hmmm, thinking about it, maybe I should be eating this myself…

Anyway, this is one of the lowest fat vegan dog foods that I have found and that’s important for Coco because she has had pancreatitis before and so needs to keep those fat levels low.

Please note, this is not a prescription diet however, and if you have any concerns about your dog’s dietary health, you should always consult your vet.

Interestingly, Coco is much more energetic at the moment and suddenly seems to be loving life again! Maybe spring is in the air, but taking yesterday as an example, we played ‘Duck’ twice, played with her ball twice, she had 2 walks, and a 15 minute play date with Sam, the Border Collie (with whom she is deeply in love).

Previously, Duck was only coming out of the toy box very occasionally, and the ball never got looked at. 

Sam, however, has always provoked the same frenzied reaction, however tired she is!

It would be lovely to think that she is now eating the right food and is rediscovering her energy and zest for life!

Interestingly, I have since found out that Coco’s increased energy levels and improved odour correlate with some research that Omni recently carried out. If you’d like to see more information about that, go to the research findings here.

In addition to this range for senior dogs, Omni dog food has also formulated products specifically for other life stages, supporting brain development, growth and healthy digestion for puppies, and higher protein food for adult dogs. So there are several foods in the range as follows:

Very reasonably priced

Coco the lhasa apso in a garden setting smelling a bag of Omni vegan dog food

In comparison to other vegan dog foods available at the moment (at the time of writing this Omni Dog Food Review), this dog food is very competitively priced. It seems to be undercutting most, if not all, of the other vegan dog foods in the UK.

It may be volume-related (Omni Dog Food is growing at a heck of a rate) but however they are doing it, they certainly don’t appear to be compromising on quality, innovation or investment.

For example, Omni Pet was keen to replace its non-recyclable packaging and so time and money was invested in that area and their dry food is now packaged in fully recyclable materials.

And not only is the one-off price reasonable; you can benefit from a generous 20% discount when you sign up for Omni Dog Food’s regular subscription service as well.

Couple this subscription discount with regular access to complimentary online vet consultations, as well as not having to remember to order your dog food all the time, and you have a very generous package.

And just to make it even better, you can benefit from a further initial 10% discount by using this exclusive code at Omni’s checkout: veganmum10

Omni dog food is vet-formulated

Coco the white lhasa apso dog looking into the camera next to a pack of Omni vegan dog food

If you are thinking about transitioning your dog onto a vegan/plant-based diet, you will no doubt have done some research. Whether you do that online, or take your vet’s advice, the chances are you may have ended up feeling discouraged.

Many vets will not recommend a vegan diet for your dog, and online, you even see people who believe that it is a form of abuse!

However, the mood is rapidly changing, probably because there is an increasing level of research, the results of which are finding that dogs on a vegan diet may have fewer health issues and also live longer.

With Omni dog food, you have the reassurance of knowing that this quality range of products has been formulated by specialist vets and nutritionists, in a science-led environment. As Omni are keen to emphasise, dogs don’t need meat, they need nutrients. The fact that those nutrients come from plants is of no importance. Well, it is important to the planet, and to my vegan principles too, but you know what I mean…

Omni dog food is nutritionally complete and complies with all FEDIAF guidelines (the European body that represents the pet food industry and sets out nutritional requirements for pet food) so you can rest assured that Omni dog food is giving your canine companion the best, most appropriate nutrition.

Omni has a wet food option

Box pf Omni Toppers wet vegan dog food with 2 pouches next to the box and a bowl with the food in

OK, these Omni Toppers ‘No Beef Bites’ and ‘No Chick Chunks’ are not a nutritionally complete wet dog food in their own right. They have been designed to top your pooch’s dry food, and add a bit of interest.

Let’s face it, us humans would get a bit fed up eating the same thing all the time, particularly if it was always dry, so why wouldn’t our canine companions?

These are a really clever and innovative product from Omni to tickle your canine’s tastebuds, and very effective they are too. Coco is a big fan already.

So, as Omni indicate, these toppers should not make up more than 10-15% of your dog’s energy needs (think calories basically), but if your dogsby has a bit of a jaded palate, these could be just the thing to make those tastebuds tingle again, and help the kibble go down…

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Bag of Omni dog food on a log surrounded by autumn leaves and with a background of trees and grass

Whilst this is not much of a negative for the majority of dogs, if yours has a sensitivity to soy, then this may not be the right choice for you.

It is not common for dogs to have this sensitivity, and because soy is an ingredient used in a number of dog foods – and not just vegan ones – you will probably already know if your dog has a problem with it.

So, probably not an issue, but worth pointing out.

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Conclusion of this Vegan Mum Omni Dog Food Review

To say that Coco is a fussy dog when it comes to what she eats is an understatement, and transitioning her from one food to another has always been, shall we say, troublesome…

However, the decision to move her onto a vegan diet was a very important one to us as a family and so we have been carefully trying out vegan dog foods.

Most recently, I have been homecooking, adding the correct supplements, and mixing with a vegan kibble. However, this has not been terribly successful.

Consequently, when Omni Dog Foods gave me the opportunity to try Coco on their Omni Golden Years range, I jumped at the chance. I started introducing the kibble slowly, initially replacing the original kibble.

Since then, I have increased the Omni kibble to over 50% of her overall food intake and the results have been astonishing. Whilst she still has her moments, particularly in the mornings when she isn’t so fussed about eating, she is largely demolishing her food.

What’s interesting is that I haven’t had to add any water to the kibble, she eats it ‘straight’, and that is previously unknown for Coco.

I intend to keep cooking food for Coco because I think the variety that I can introduce into her diet through doing that is important. However, I will also be continuing with Omni Dog Food’s Golden Years range, which will now make up 50% of her diet. I just never imagined it would be this successful.

Her increased energy levels were noticeable fairly quickly too. It is unusual for her because as spring arrives, for every degree that the temperature rises, Coco’s energy levels subside a little. She loves the winter, and I have no doubt that she will still flag in the summer, but for the moment, she is much more energetic. 

Is it her new food? I don’t know, but I’d like to think so. And if it keeps fuelling her frenzied play dates with Sam the Border Collie, long may it continue…

Coco, the white Lhasa Apso pawing at a bag of Omni vegan dog food

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Where can you buy Omni Dog Food?

All the products mentioned in this Omni Dog Food Review are available direct from Omni Pet Food. Alternatively, you can buy from Amazon, but may not benefit from the discounts and subscription offers available to you when you buy direct.

Just click on one of the links below, and don’t forget to use discount code veganmum10 when buying direct:

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FAQs for this Omni Dog Food Review

At the time of publishing this Omni Dog Food Review, Omni dog food is made in the UK

At the time of publishing this Omni Dog Food Review, Omni dog food is owned by UK based Dr Guy Sandelowsky, a working vet and thought leader in this space, and Shiv Sivakumar an ex investment banker.

In my opinion, yes. And fortunately, there are many experts who know what they are talking about who agree with me! A vegan diet is good for dogs, providing it is nutritionally complete.

Whilst the British Veterinary Association is not yet ready to agree wholeheartedly, there are now many research results and findings that suggest not only is it good for dogs, it is actually better for them!

Have a read of this North American Scientific Paper as an example