5 Omni Vegan Dog Treats – do they get a paws up?

We tried out these vet-formulated Omni vegan dog treats to see if they were a popular product with our canine testers. Read our full review to find out if they were a hit or miss.

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Coco the white lhasa apso dog sniffing at 5 different packs of Omni vegan dog treats laid out on the floor in front of her to illustrate this Omni vegan dog treat review

Coco and Gracie, our canine testing panel, both largely loved this range of Omni vegan dog treats and said that they were pawesome…OK, so I made that last bit up but truthfully, they really did seem to like them. We used them in a variety of situations – out on walks, at bedtime, and for Gracie in particular, when training (Coco is more of a free spirit). We liked the fact too that the treats are good for different things including supporting coat health, joints, sensitive tummies, and peaceful sleep.

So, it is definitely a paws up from the dogs, and their human companions!

Editor’s rating: 4.6 / 5


  • Vet formulated
  • Tasty
  • Competitively priced


  • Packaging

This post has been sponsored by Omni, but – as always – reflects Vegan Mum’s genuine opinion.

The positives

These dog treats are clearly very palatable, contain healthy ingredients to support all life stages and needs, and are competitively priced, even more so if you utilise all available discount codes.

These vet-formulated dog treats have been carefully developed so that they are not simply just tasty snacks for your canine companion, they actually contain valuable, healthy ingredients too!

There are 5 different treats in this range to suit different needs and life stages, and all of them can be given to your dog from 8 weeks old:

A headshot of Coco, a white lhasa apso dog, sitting in front of a window looking down on a violet coloured pouch. The pouch has the brand name 'Omni' printed across the top and a cartoon image of a dog on the bottom of the pouch. It contains Omni's vet formulated, plant-based treats for Peaceful Dogs

These have become an essential in the Coco/Vegan Mum household. Coco has an overwhelming need to herd us all into the house, preferably into the same room, so that she knows where we all are and can then ignore us all at the same time. But if one if us is away overnight, well…all doggy hell is let loose as she barks through the night at every noise, however slight.

But, help has come in the form of these little heart-shaped treats. With calming valerian root and lemon balm, they can help to alleviate those more anxious moments. A few of these in the evening, gratefully snaffled away in a few seconds, seems to take the edge off the anxiety. I’m even thinking of trying them on Coco. Yes, yes, I know, they’re for the dog. I give them to Coco really, and they genuinely seem to make her less anxious.

Gracie, the big brown and white puppy sitting looking alert next to a pack of Omni vegan dog treats on a table

Rich in calcium and containing fruits and vegetables, these treats are small and can be given to your pup from 8 weeks. Gracie, the 17 week old pup pictured above loves them, and they have been the perfect training treat too, as you can see from how patiently she is waiting for her photo to be taken! (How big is Gracie going to be when she’s fully grown?!)

Coco the white lhasa apso dog looking at the camera with 2 different packs of Omni vegan dog treats on a fallen tree trunk in dappled sunlight

Containing vegan glucosamine, turmeric, curcumin and those essential Omega 3 and 6 ingredients, these treats are formulated to support your dog’s joints and mobility. I love the appropriate bone shapes too! Coco absolutely adores these, although Gracie wasn’t so keen for some reason.

Coco the white lhasa apso dog sniffing at a green pack of Omni vegan dog treats on a mossy tree stump in the garden

Your dog’s skin, and the condition of their coat can be indicators of their general health, and are very important. With lots of nourishing ingredients including linseed, magnesium, beta carotene, and chia seeds, these treats give those vital indicators a helping hand. Coco didn’t seem to like these quite so much, but then maybe she thinks her coat is lustrous enough already…her canine pals were only too happy to eat them on her behalf.

Coco the white lhasa apso dog sniffing at 5 different packs of Omni vegan dog treats laid out on the floor in front of her

Yes, dogs have gut biomes too! These nourishing treats support your pooch’s tummy with helpful pre & pro biotics, and chicory root, all encouraging healthy gut bacteria and stool consistency – and you know how obsessed us dog parents are with that!

A pink packet of Omni vegan dog treats opened, with some of the treats spread out on the table and a pink Kong dog toy

I haven’t actually tried these Omni vegan dog treats, although given the ingredients list, I wouldn’t be too perturbed about it. But, no need, because Coco and Gracie have done all the required taste-testing and the overwhelming verdict is…they’re very tasty! Whilst there were definitely preferences – Coco wasn’t so keen on the Shiny Coats treats, but other dogs loved them; Gracie didn’t really go for the Supported Joints treats, but Coco would eat the whole packet if she was allowed – it’s just down to individual dogs.

The puppy treats are certainly very appetising and my sister-in-law used them very successfully as training treats for Gracie. 

Coco did allow me, on occasion, to offer some out to her doggy companions whilst out walking and without fail, they were mercilessly despatched and I seem to have become increasingly popular with the local dog population.

All testament to the fact that dogs of all persuasions really seem to like them.

These vegan dog treats are competitively, and reasonably, priced. The packets are full, the treats contain high quality ingredients, and used appropriately, should last you and your dog a good, long time.

You can pay an awful lot of money for dog treats, and some are extortionate prices (I will name no names here). So this range is a pocket-friendly choice, but one that definitely doesn’t compromise on quality.

The negatives

Although there were a couple of preferences over the palatability of 2 of the treats in the range, it wasn’t a consistent ‘dislike’ with all the dogs that ate them, and was clearly just personal taste. Consequently, I didn’t see that as a negative although it did impact the overall rating I gave them. So the only negative really was the packaging. Let’s look at that a bit more closely.

Coco the white lhasa apso's face looking up to the camera with 5 different packs of Omni vegan dog treats laid out on the floor in front of her


The treats come in plastic pouches. They are recyclable through carrier bag collections (the bottom of the pack gives more detail) but I really hope that Omni look for better packaging solutions in the future. They have done so very successfully with their dried food (see Vegan Mum’s Omni dog food review for detail) moving to very effective paper packaging, so it is certainly an area they are very conscious of.

blurred picture of the website owner, vegan mum, in the background, with 5 packs of Omni vegan dog treats displayed in front of her

Vegan Mum’s Conclusion on Omni Vegan Dog Treats

A bit like with dried food, Coco can turn her nose up at biscuit-like treats and often prefers the more ‘chewy’ stick-like offerings, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to respond to these Omni vegan dog treats. However, I needn’t have worried. With the exception of the Shiny Coats treats which she could take or leave, she loved them! And the Growing Pups treats also proved to be a very popular and successful training aid for my sister-in-law’s lovely puppy, Gracie.

Not that there has been much training going on in our household. I would defy anyone to train Coco. Lhasa Apsos are notoriously stubborn, but also so cute that it’s difficult not to give into them. Or is it just that behind that cute face is an ace manipulator? Hmmm, probably.

Anyway, whichever it is, I have actually been able to use these treats to persuade Coco to stay on the towel whilst being dried – and that’s a first. Alright, I know that’s bribery, not training, but I don’t care if it works! Fortunately though, these treats aren’t just about bribery. They contain some ingredients that are really beneficial for your dog and the treats for Peaceful Dogs in particular have been genuinely helpful. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have a sedative effect, but they seem to take the edge off Coco’s anxiety when one of us is away for the night and they are now just standard bedtime routine.

So overall, I like these Omni vegan dog treats. They are good value for money, contain ingredients that actually support the health of your dog, and perhaps most importantly, dogs love them.

And if that last point needed any proof, my dog-walking jacket pocket where I keep said treats has now become a significant point of interest for canines across the village! Who knew I could be so popular. Ah, cupboard love…

Go on. Gracie really recommends them…

More Omni reviews

I hope you have enjoyed Vegan Mum’s Omni Vegan Dog Treats review. We love this range of plant-based foods for dogs and our trusty canine testing panel have tried out a number of their other products which we have written about. If you’d like to find out more about this vegan brand, see links to some of those reviews below:


Are vegan dog treats good for dogs?

If it’s a healthy vegan dog treat which is appropriate to your dog’s needs, then yes, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be! Generally speaking, they will be lower in fat than many meat-based treats, and contain fewer (hopefully zero) dubious additives. However, If you are buying a branded product you should always check the ingredients and nutritional values because even if it is plant-based, it might still be high in fat or contain something that your dog is sensitive to – a (very) few dogs might react to soy for example.

What natural treats can I feed a vegan dog?

If you want to avoid buying branded products, there are still many things that your dog will consider to be a treat. My dog, Coco, loves these healthy options:

  • lightly cooked broccoli stalks and carrot sticks – I put thin sticks of these vegetables into a mug of boiling water when I’m making my coffee in the mornings. Leave them for a few minutes and then store in the fridge until needed
  • she also loves dried goji berries (although in moderation – she has 2 or 3 at most)
  • Coco goes a bit bonkers over grated, unflavoured firm tofu too
  • smooth peanut butter is also very popular with dogs, although in small amounts because of fat content. Coco loves it but can’t eat it at all because of her history of pancreatitis – I try not to put it on my toast when she’s around because she can smell it!

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2 responses to “5 Omni Vegan Dog Treats – do they get a paws up?”

  1. Joe bloggs avatar
    Joe bloggs

    Bought 4 assorted packs at a Vegan fair last weekend.
    Dog wouldn’t touch them. Even left them mixed with other food.
    Won’t be buying again!

    1. Hi Joe Bloggs. Thank you for the feedback – I have passed it onto Omni too. That must have been very disappointing but I guess it reflects the fact that dogs, just like us, have their preferences! Coco certainly favoured the ‘Peaceful dogs’ treats, but still liked all the others too, as did our other canine taste testers, Gracie and Saru. All flavours of the Omni treats seem to share similar ingredients, including brown rice, pumpkin flour and nutritional yeast, so maybe your dog doesn’t like one of the common ingredients. Shame though, because these treats seem to be well made and avoid many of the less desirable ingredients. Still, I know there are other vegan treats out there – have you thought about making your own? Fleetful have a kit to help you do that – take a look at my Cooking Food for Dogs article to find out more. I hope you find something that your dog finds more palatable, and thank you once again for your feedback. Vegan Mum

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