Does Fussy natural deodorant work? It sure does!

If you have asked the question ‘does Fussy natural deodorant work?’ then you join many others wondering the same thing! Read this review to find out whether Fussy earns its keep in the Vegan Mum household.

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Summary of ‘Does Fussy natural deodorant work?’

So, how does Fussy natural deodorant work? I’ve been using Fussy now for a long time – at least 18 months – and I suppose I take it for granted. So when Fussy offered me a scent I hadn’t tried before and asked me to formally review their product, I thought I’d better remind myself why I like using this vegan, cruelty-free natural deodorant so much, but also look at how it works.

We’ll start by looking at the science behind Fussy, then follow on with my own experience of the product. Finally, you can join me in ‘A Day in the Life of Fussy Deodorant‘ when I lined up a variety of activities on a hot and busy Summer’s day to put it through its paces to see: does Fussy natural deodorant work?

Editor’s rating: 4.8 / 5


  • Scientifically proven to work
  • No single use plastic in sight
  • Natural, vegan and cruelty-free


  • Still falls over occasionally in the bathroom cabinet
Rectangular burnt orange plastic Fussy deodorant case nestled on a log in dappled sunlight. The case has the brand name 'fussy' engraved into the front of the case. The log is surrounded by ivy leaves and blades of grass

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This post has been sponsored by Fussy, but reflects Vegan Mum’s genuine opinion of the product.

Does Fussy natural deodorant work?

This is the important question you want answering I suspect! So first, let’s look at the science behind Fussy’s natural deodorant and what it actually does, then read about my own experience as a long-term user of the product.

How does Fussy work?

Basically, armpit odour is caused when bad bacteria wins the eternal battle that you never knew was going on in your armpits. It multiplies further when you use soap and water, which apparently removes a lot of your good bacteria, giving those baddies even more of an unfair advantage.

So, according to research carried out by Dr Annie, a Microbiologist with a PhD in Biochemistry, Fussy’s use of a probiotic called Lactobacillus reduces and neutralises that bad bacteria in your armpit, and therefore helps to remove those whiffy smells. In fact, it eats sweat for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

And yes, you do eat lactobacillus in your yoghurt. But don’t eat your Fussy, I’ll guarantee it won’t taste as good…

The same research also suggested that Fussy worked better than another natural deodorant which underwent the same tests (albeit in the other armpit of the same person). So overall, Dr Annie gave very positive, scientifically-tested feedback on Fussy’s effectiveness.

And all this without that dubious ingredient, parabens. Although there is no proven link (yet?) about the risks from absorbing parabens, why take the chance? Fussy certainly doesn’t…

So that’s it – that’s the science behind it. Does Fussy natural deodorant work as well with everyone? Maybe, maybe not. Fussy are very honest when they say that because everyone’s body chemistry is different, there may be people that it doesn’t work for. But it does seem to work for most, although it can be important to give it 3-4 weeks to make the transition first if you are used to using traditional antiperspirants.

Already feeling confident about Fussy’s scientific credentials?

If so, you can buy Fussy here direct from their store, using code VEGANMUM15 to get that 15% discount

Does it stop you sweating?

Because Fussy is a natural deodorant, it doesn’t contain aluminium, an ingredient used in antiperspirants to block your sweat glands. Consequently, Fussy won’t stop you sweating, and it’s not designed to. Why would you want to block up your sweat glands anyway – what did they ever do to you (apart from make you smell interesting)?

Sweating is a natural, and important bodily function. So, as well as the Lactobacillus, sodium bicarbonate and the lovely natural scents that make you all fresh and fragrant, Fussy deodorant also contains tapioca starch to soak up your damp bits too.

Vegan Mum’s experience of Fussy deodorant

Like I said in my introduction, I’ve been using Fussy deodorant for over 18 months, and there’s got to be good reason for that!

And? Does Fussy natural deodorant work? Yes, I find that it keeps odour well under control all day, generally soaks up any dampness, doesn’t stain my clothes, and doesn’t cause any rashes or discomfort. If it is a very hot, or particularly active day, then I might top up my Fussy at some point, but that is very much the exception and not the rule. And when I do have to do that, it works a treat. To be honest, I used to do the same thing with traditional antiperspirants, so maybe I’m just a very smelly individual…

However, the effectiveness of a product isn’t enough on its own to make me want to use it and I have a long list of other criteria that has to be fulfilled before I do. So, in addition to being body-friendly, I also want products that are as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible. Therefore, Fussy ticks the following boxes too:

  • vegan, natural and cruelty-free
  • B-Corp certified brand
  • no single-use plastic
  • home-compostable refills (made from sugarcane pulp)
  • use partner businesses with similar values

However, if you’d like to find out more, carry on scrolling to read my ‘Day in the Life of Fussy Deodorant’ below when I really put this product through its paces to see: does Fussy deodorant work?

A Day in the Life of Fussy Deodorant

Starting my day with Fussy

I leapt (crawled) out of bed, humming (groaning) and full of joy (woe). OK, I was a bit grumpy. First stop, shower. Equilibrium restored.

Having used this product for a long time, I know that I need to have completely dry armpits to ensure that Fussy natural deodorant can do its best work (so always make sure you give those pits a good towelling).

With dry armpits, and things already hotting up outside, I applied my Fussy deodorant Tropic Tonic fragrance – very appropriate given the temperature! Then I wedged it firmly back in the cabinet – Fussy have flattened out the bottom of the deodorant case to enable it to stand, but it still tips over in my rather topsy turvy cupboard. Only a very minor irritation though, and maybe I just need to tidy the cabinet.

So far, so good…

Next stop – dog walk

Plastic lilac coloured Fussy deodorant case in front of Coco the dog on a walk under the trees

The dog doesn’t like the heat any more than I do, so a morning walk up the local footpath under the trees was just the job.

It was humid though, and the footpath leads into a very exposed field where it was already very hot in the sun. So, after a brisk 40 minute walk, we were back home and I had my first caffeine hit from the rocket fuel my partner calls coffee.

Armpit update – slightly prickly, definitely warming up, no sweat. Smell – all good. Fussy deodorant working well. Thought about finding a deodorant for dogs though…

Then, to the shops

With the air-conditioning in my car well and truly broken, driving was going to be a challenge. However, I wanted to get to the shops – we were going out for dinner, and it was a great excuse to buy a new shirt to spill my food down!

So, a 30 minute drive in a boiling hot car and then into a humid, sticky changing room (was their air-con broken too?)

Next, a quick dash into the supermarket (loitered around the freezer section for a few minutes to cool off) followed by a 30 minute drive back in an even hotter car (why is there never any shade in car parks?)

Armpit update – OK, things had definitely gotten a little damp, but I could still only smell the Fussy. It was doing its job!

Lunch time

Plastic lilac-coloured Fussy vegan refillable deodorant case with a blurred kitchen image in the background

OK, not too much heat in the kitchen given the temperature outside, although I did heat the flatbreads on the frying pan which was a warming experience.

Mind you, I do find even the simple act of eating when the temperature is already high makes me heat up a bit more…

Armpit update – still smelling just fine, and the dampness had disappeared.

A spot of gardening

Plastic lilac-coloured Fussy vegan refillable deodorant case with a blurred garden image in the background

With the rabbits chewing through my growing vegetables quicker than I could pick them, and the weeds choking up anything they hadn’t managed to eat, it was time for action.

After digging out the weeds and netting my vegetable beds (not sure why I chose the hottest part of the day to do this) I then moved onto my extremely hot and humid greenhouse to tend to my very neglected tomato, basil and chilli plants.

Armpit update – this was a bit of a challenge and the humidity of the weather was being replicated in the general armpit area. Smell was just fine, but some dampness had made its way through to my t-shirt.

Finally, time for dinner

In years gone by I would never go out in the evening without another shower and hair-wash. Thankfully, I now have more sense (and less time to worry about it)! Plus, it was dinner at a local vegan/vegetarian hostelry and quite an early booking (thank you for being there The Walnut Tree and I’m sorry I don’t always look my best!)

However, it had been quite a hot and sweaty day, and when I was getting ready to go out there was just the faintest whiff of my day’s earlier activities on the gardening front. I’d also had to consign the t-shirt I’d been wearing to the washing basket – I usually try to wear tops twice to be a bit more environmentally friendly (so don’t judge!) but not on this occasion.

Anyway, before putting on a brand new shirt, some action was required to be honest. But not much, and a couple of fresh swipes of my Fussy deodorant soon put everything back in order…

Armpit update – things had gotten a little less than fresh, but a quick top-up swipe of Fussy did the trick and my Tropic Tonic scent saved the day.

And so to bed

Plastic lilac coloured Fussy Deodorant case in a bedroom setting in front of an out of focus brass bed

Well, that was one hot, humid, sticky day and evening. The restaurant was lovely, as always, but there was no air-conditioning and with the dog, we have to sit in the bar which is right outside the kitchen. At least I didn’t have to be in the kitchen, so I wasn’t complaining! Of course from an environmental perspective, no air-conditioning is a good thing, but it can pose some challenges to your personal freshness.

Anyway, it had certainly been hot enough to make my face shine and my armpits prickle, but the Fussy deodorant hung on in there and did its job very well, even into the next morning.

Armpit update – a bit damp, but no damp underarm stains on my new shirt and no whiffiness either. I don’t think whiffiness is a word, but I’m sure you know what I mean…

Conclusion of ‘A Day in the Life of Fussy Deodorant’

Fussy Deodorant re-fillable cases in pale blue, pale green, orange, white and midnight blue arranged on a table

So, does Fussy natural deodorant work? Yes, it works for me. Even on the hottest of days with lots of activity, this vegan, natural deodorant did what it claims to do, and for the most part kept me dry and, well…fragrant. I am genuinely a big fan. Is it always perfect? No, but then on very hot, or very active days I used to find that my traditional antiperspirant was never 100% effective either.

With a range of fragrances to choose from, and a sensitive range too for those who (very occasionally) find they react to baking soda, Fussy really is my first choice and has been ever since I first bought it over 18 months ago.

Not only is there a good selection of fragrances though, you get to choose from different cases too. So, if a carefully colour co-ordinated bathroom is your thing, fear not; Fussy will have a case just for you, whether it’s a dark and moody Midnight Blue, a bright and breezy Burnt Orange, or something in between.

But ultimately, whatever your taste in colour and fragrance, Fussy natural deodorant works for me, and I would strongly recommend it.

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