The Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare Review

We can all sometimes feel like our skin needs a treat, but complex and time-consuming skincare regimes can be off-putting. Read this Body Shop Edelweiss review to find out if this skincare range is straightforward enough for you.

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Summary of The Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare Review

There is something luxurious about this vegan, cruelty-free Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare range. It is well presented, makes a lovely gift if you buy the set, and the Edelweiss products feel really fresh and invigorating when you apply them to your skin. I have loved using them and found that my skin feels instantly refreshed, moisturised, and smoother without any heavy residues or oiliness…and that’s no mean feat, believe me!



Editor’s rating: 4.7/5

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The Edelweiss Collection consists of a wide range of products, including:

If you’d like to know more about The Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare range before making up your mind, you can read the full review below.

The Edelweiss Serum is light and refreshing

I have a bit of a soft spot for this serum. It’s absorbed quickly, doesn’t feel sticky, and has a lovely, cooling feel on application. After a few days of using it, my skin felt smoother and more hydrated than before. You also need only use a few drops of it, so it goes a long way too.

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Alice applying The Body Shop Edelweiss Serum

The Edelweiss Day Cream penetrates quickly

I find that some moisturisers feel like they are clogging up your pores and creating an impenetrable barrier between your face and the world! This day cream couldn’t be more different. With a pleasing, gentle fragrance, The Body Shop Edelweiss Day Cream is a light moisturiser that penetrates quickly, and leaves a great base for make-up too if you wear it.

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Suitable for sensitive skin

My skin is very sensitive and can react very badly to new products. However, I have had no adverse reaction to these Body Shop Edelweiss products. They seem really calming and gentle and I have enjoyed using them.

head and shoulders shot of female model holding bottle of The Body Shop Edelweiss serum, applying it to her face with a ceramic roller

Long ingredients list

There are a lot of ingredients in these Body Shop Edelweiss products. That’s not to say that is necessarily bad, although I don’t think they can all be classified as ‘natural’.

However, there are some good ingredients, including leontopodic acid, the unique and powerful antioxidant extracted from the Edelweiss flower.

The Body Shop does also provide a complete breakdown of the ingredients contained in all their products, and explains why they are there which is helpful. At least you have clearer information which can help you to decide whether or not you want to smother it all over your face!

Vegan Mum’s conclusion on The Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare range

I haven’t tried the whole range of The Body Shop Edelweiss skincare products, but I can honestly say that I have loved the two that I have used:

Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate

This non-sticky, light serum is a definite favourite with me. It really does have a fresh feeling when I apply it and it spreads and penetrates really easily, leaving my skin feeling smooth. You only need a few drops dotted around your face, and the glass dropper bottle with its pipette style lid means that you can measure out the right amount and not end up scraping unused serum back into the bottle! It works really well.

Edelweiss Smoothing Day Cream

I love this day cream because it is so light, absorbs really well and has a lovely, gentle fragrance. It contains hyaluronic acid and leontopodic acid from the Edelweiss flower – an extract that has 43% more antioxidant power than that old favourite, Retinol which seems pretty amazing. However, I’m not really thinking about that when I apply it to be honest, I’m just pleased with the results!

Overall, my skin has felt more hydrated, and I have not had any breakouts or reactions to the products which is great.

In addition, the packaging is glass. Whilst I appreciate the weight of transportation for glass is higher, it just feels better than using yet more plastic to me.

One thing to note though is this cream doesn’t appear to offer any protection from the sun, so if it’s important to you, you may still need to consider applying something with an SPF factor.

There are lots of good vegan, cruelty-free skincare products on the market and The Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare range is definitely up there with the best in my opinion.

Where can I buy The Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare range?

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3 responses to “The Body Shop Edelweiss Skincare Review”

  1. Ann Pearce avatar

    Your review reads like a poorly constructed add. The reason your skin feels so smooth, is that there is salicylic acid in BS formula. Might help if you adopt a transparent approach with the reader in mind, rather than direct them to the Web site, when all you had to do was copy and paste into your page. Remember, consumers are not fools. We do our well informed research before hitting your page.

    1. Hi Ann. Thank you for your feedback, and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. In my review, I have documented my honest experience of using the product, whilst also making it clear that it has a very long ingredients list – something that I’m not sure The Body Shop would go out of their way to advertise. However, I have also referred my readers to The Body Shop’s glossary of ingredients, which I think is a helpful tool that enables people to go and do further research if they wish to. I completely agree with your assertion that as consumers, we should be informing ourselves about what goes into the products that we use, so thank you for reminding people of that. Vegan Mum

      1. For readers who are interested, Evolve Beauty have a very straightforward explanation of the ominous ‘acids’ often used in skincare, which I find very reassuring. You can read it here: scary sounding ingredients

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