Find the best vegan Mother’s Day gifts here

If you really want to show your mum just how important she is, it doesn’t have to take the form of an expensive gift. So, whatever your budget, you’ll find vegan mother’s day gifts here that will be perfect.

This guide includes the following and is also broken down into different tabs for different types of products to help you find the right vegan Mother’s Day gifts for your mum:

  • budget-friendly products
  • more extravagant gifts
  • ideas for when you have no money to buy a gift


Don’t forget, love isn’t all about the most expensive present – and Mums know that!

A long open box of Hotel Chocolat vegan sleekster chocolates

Hotel Chocolat Unbelievably Vegan Sleekster

Chocolate is a real favourite, and makes a fabulous Mother’s Day gift. Hotel Chocolat’s nutmilk range is fabulously vegan, and will be a popular choice for any chocaholic – vegan or not! Made for sharing too, and we know mums like to do that.

Pink leopard print cardboard box containing 6 delicious vegan brownies in different flavours

Cake or Death Letterbox Brownies

These are so delicious, vegan and, well, just overall gooey and lovely. Believe me, any cake addict is going to love these. Best of all, they get sent through the post! With a variety of flavours including Biscoff, peanut butter and many more, there is a gluten free option too.

The Body Shop Edelweiss gift set in a green presentation box containing edelweiss serum, cream and a face roller

The Body Shop Edelweiss Gift Set

This beautifully presented Body Shop Edelweiss Gift Box contains the fabulous superhero that is The Body Shop Edelweiss Serum, Smoothing Day Cream and a ceramic roller for application. Receiving this would certainly make any mum feel special and encourage them to indulge in a little self love.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: Use the link below and code 14315 at checkout for a whopping 20% off! T&Cs apply.

To see more of The Body Shop’s fabulous product range, why not checkout my Body Shop Shampoo review.

Bloom & Blossom 40 winks calming Gift set with a blue bag, sleep mask, creams and a pillow spray

Bloom & Blossom Pillow Spray and Gift Set

Buy this popular Bloom & Blossom Pillow Spray as part of their ’40 Winks, Calming Gift Set’. As any sleep-deprived mum will tell you, getting some shut eye makes the world seem like a much better place, and this thoughtful gift set can help them to relax and do just that.

DISCOUNT: Get 15% off using the link below and entering code 15BBAF at checkout. T&Cs apply.

Pink gift box from the Body Shop containing British Rose shower gel and body butter

The Body Shop British Rose Duo Gift Set

A beautiful gift that will make any mum feel truly appreciated. The gorgeous fragrance of British Rose in this duo of shower gel and body butter will spread a little bit of happiness in the bathroom and make her feel pampered and cared for.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: Use the link below and code 14315 at checkout for a whopping 20% off!

image of a white orchid in a pot

Haute Florist Ivory Orchid – a beautiful plant for Mother’s Day

This is a stunning ivory flowering orchid in a beautiful glass jar. It will continue to bloom for weeks with the right care, and makes for a more permanent gift than flowers – a nice reminder of Mother’s Day in the weeks to come.

Haute Florist Country Wild Garden Bouquet – stunning Mother’s Day Flowers

What an absolutely beautiful bouquet for Mother’s Day – a mix of pinks, purples and greens including lilies, roses and carnations. Haute Florist have a huge range of flowers ranging from about £30 upwards.

Calathea Crocata Houseplant

This stunning houseplant with vivid orange flowers will bring some sunshine into even the greyest day.

Discount Codes for Vegan Mother’s Day Gifts

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Vegan Mother’s Day Gifts for under £10

box of vegan booja booja chocolate truffles

Booja Booja Vegan Chocolate Truffles

This small box of vegan chocolate truffles still packs a big punch on the cocoa front – they are delicious and worth every penny! They will make Mother’s Day a real occasion for any chocolate lover.

Box of Joules Bath Fizzers

Joules Bath Fizzers

Run that bath for her, light some candles and chuck in a bath fizzer for good measure. Then just let her have some of that precious ‘me time’.

Happy Mother's Day wooden ornament

Wooden Happy Mother’s Day ornament

Show her you love her with this laser cut, free-standing wooden ornament that says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. More permanent than a card.

picture of a candle tim

Revival lime, basil and mandarin vegan candle

This lovely candle in a tin – hand poured in the UK – has a lovely citrus and spice fragrance and will burn for about 45 hours.

Ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day without spending any money

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Whilst there have been many different ways of celebrating motherhood across the world for centuries, the modern Mother’s Day celebrations that we recognise today started ( as is so often the case!) in the US.

Anna Jarvis initiated a Methodist Church Service of Worship at the turn of the 20th Century, and it eventually became a public holiday. But it was quickly latched onto by commercial companies who could see there was a profit to be made from monetising the celebration and Anna Jarvis later fought, unsuccessfully, for the holiday to be rescinded. has a great write up about its origins.

Father’s Day in the UK this year is June 18th 2023