23 Inspirational Vegan Valentine’s Gifts for 2023

23 Inspirational Vegan Valentine’s Gifts Finding the right gift for someone can be difficult enough, but when that person is vegan, it can throw a few more challenges your way. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Vegan Valentine’s Gifts, then you’ve come to the right place! Vegan Mum has selected a range of gifts…

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Image of rows of small red hearts painted onto white card

23 Inspirational Vegan Valentine’s Gifts

Finding the right gift for someone can be difficult enough, but when that person is vegan, it can throw a few more challenges your way.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect Vegan Valentine’s Gifts, then you’ve come to the right place! Vegan Mum has selected a range of gifts that will inspire you, and that any vegan Valentine would love to receive.

And because money is tight, I have included a budget range of Vegan Valentine’s Gifts as well. You’ll find some discount codes in here too for specific items.

Looking for more Vegan Gift Ideas?

If you are looking for more vegan gift ideas, why not head over to my Guide to the Best Vegan Candles.

Image of 3 metal hammered heart pendant necklaces in silver, gold and rose gold

Personalised Hammered Heart Necklaces

What lovelier way to let your Valentine know how you feel about them? This personalised Hammered Heart Necklace comes in a luxurious gift box too – go on, it’s only once a year…

Normally £55

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A long open box of Hotel Chocolat vegan sleekster chocolates

Hotel Chocolat Unbelievably Vegan Sleekster

Chocolate is a real favourite, even for Vegan Valentine’s Gifts. There is some pretty fabulous vegan chocolate out there now, and this is being helped along by my particular favourite, Hotel Chocolat’s nutmilk range. These are amazing, take it from me…the way to any chocolate lover’s heart

Pair of legs with a pair of socks that have been personalised with photos of faces

Personalised Face Socks

Buy them some socks that will be a reminder of you every time they wear them. You can have up to 4 different faces printed onto these poly-cotton socks – how’s that for a unique Valentine’s gift?

Normally £17

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A bottle of Dolma Vegan aftershave surrounded by aromatics to reflect its fragrance

Dolma Sirius Vegan Aftershave

How about a vegan aftershave from this independent, vegan company. This is just one of several fabulous fragrances to choose from. These clean aftershaves contain no nasty chemicals and are made in the UK.

Pink leopard print cardboard box containing 6 delicious vegan brownies in different flavours

Cake or Death Letterbox Brownies

These absolutely delicious, and enormously popular vegan brownies are sent through the post. Imagine your loved one waking up to this pink leopard skin print cardboard box poking through the letterbox! Variety of flavours including Biscoff, peanut butter and many more. Gluten free available too.

Various bottles of Body Shop Glowing Cherry Blossom skin care products

Body Shop Glowing Cherry Blossom Body Cream

Gently fragranced with Japanese Cherry Blossom, this vegan Body Cream is sure to be a hit. Team it up with the rest of the Cherry blossom range of vegan body care products, and you may not ever get them out of the bathroom!

Baylis & Harding Men’s Citrus Lime Gift Set

Why not buy them this exciting Baylis & Harding Citrus Lime and Mint Shower and Prep Gift Set. Containing a variety of toiletries with invigorating fragrances. It’s a snip at the price.

Image of CD sized box containing a voucher for a 'fun together' experience

Fun Together Experience Box

Why not go paintballing together, or maybe take a quick couples trip to the spa? This Valentines gift might just be the perfect choice, particularly for those who are a bit more difficult to buy for.

Ted Baker Rose Gold Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings

These beautiful earrings will say it all for you. Available in rose gold or silver, there is a matching crystal necklace too.

st eval gift box

St Eval Recharge Hamper

This vegan-friendly, sustainable Cornish company produces the most wonderful fragrances. This hamper contains bottles of Lavender and Sage Handwash and Hand Lotion, a Sea Salt scented candle, and a Grapefruit and Lime Secret Garden Candle.

A bouquet of a dozen beautiful red roses

Valentine’s Day Flowers by Haute Florist

There’s a reason why people have been sending each other flowers for years, and receiving this beautiful bunch of red roses is the way to anyone’s heart! Choose from an inspiring range of Valentines Day Bouquets (starting at £28) from this ethical and sustainable florist. You can get next day delivery too!

Box of Dolma vegan and cruelty free perfume samples

Dolma Women’s Discovery Set of Vegan Perfumes

This vegan perfume discovery box contains all 12 of Dolma’s vegan perfumes. And once they decide which one they like best, you can buy them the standard-sized bottle! You’re sure to come up smelling of roses with this one…

Brown box of Booja Booja vegan and organic fine-de-champagne chocolate truffles

Booja Booja Vegan Chocolate Truffles

This long-standing vegan chocolate company has been making vegan truffles for over two decades – and practise has made perfect, believe me. With small boxes starting from as little as £6.99, there is a box to fit any budget. Choose from a huge array of flavours from orange, hazelnut, honeycomb, fine de champagne…the list just goes on. These will make you a very popular Valentine.

Beautiful black gift box and Noble Isle scented candle and bathing gel set

Noble Isle Candle and Bathing Gel set

This quintessentially British brand offers a luxurious, vegan ‘Bathe by Candlelight’ set. This gift would definitely set the right mood for a romantic evening.

Image of a red vegan suede bracelet with a heart shaped charm containing real dried flowers

Shrieking Violet Sterling Silver Bracelet

Made of red vegan suede and with beautiful dried flowers set in a heart shaped, sterling silver setting. This is a very pretty and unique present that will happily adorn any wrist.

Crossip Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Get those Valentine’s Day non-alcoholic cocktails going with a bottle of Crossip 0% spirits. Completely plant-based and available in a range of flavours. Perfect for romantic cocktails without the hangover!

Budget Vegan Valentine’s Gifts under £10

If your budget doesn’t stretch to any of the gifts above, but you still want to show you care, these lower cost Vegan Valentine’s Gifts may be the answer.

Box of 3 vegan chocolate bombes with vegan marshmallows to make hot chocolate with

Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombes

Use these vegan hot chocolate bombes to make the ultimate hot chocolate drink, using any plant-based milk. Then top off with the vegan marshmallows included. Perfect for warming up after a wildly romantic walk, or to cuddle up with on the sofa for a movie night.

Normally £10

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Miniature Pink Gin Collection

4 miniature bottles of pink gin in a lovely gift box comes in to the budget range at £10. All vegan friendly according to Barnivore.com’s directory. Don’t forget to get some tonic!

Official Guinness gift set

A bottle of Guinness Original (not all Guinness is vegan, but Barnivore.com lists the Original as vegan-friendly), a Toucan shaped bottle opener and a branded Guinness glass – a must for the Guinness lover in your life!

Beautiful indoor Peace Lily flowering Plant in a white pot on a tray in front of a window, with a plant spray bottle in the corner

Peace Lily Indoor Houseplant

This beautiful Peace Lily will look lovely in any setting, and a plant is a long-lasting and lovely gift.

cube shaped block of black charcoal soap with a cut throat razor open behind it. A brown paper label on top of it states that it is men's natural soap

Man Soap’s Vegan Charcoal 4-in-1 soap

This macho-looking slab of charcoal soap is vegan and cruelty-free. It also does the job of 4 different types of soap – hands, face, body and shaving. It should make them smell good too!

Pair of yin and yang bracelets made of beads and rope, on a piece of brown card,

Yin & Yang adjustable Bracelets

2 matching Yin and Yang adjustable rope bracelets at a budget price. Remember, it’s not the cost, but the thought behind the present that has the real value.

Box of Faith in Nature 3 x body wash travel size, against a green patterned background

Faith in Nature Travel Sized Body Wash

Budget a bit tight? Or maybe you’ve booked your Valentine a weekend away and think this would be a great gift to pack in their travel bag? Either way, these lovely body washes from this fabulous ethical, sustainable, vegan company will be a welcome addition to the bathroom.

I hope this Vegan Valentine’s Gifts Guide has helped you to find the perfect present. Visit my Lifestyle blogs if you’re still in need of some inspiration! You may also find some more ideas in my FAQs below, or in the following posts:

Best vegan sock guide

Best vegan Mother’s Day gifts


It seems that it started out as a Christian feast day. However, how and when it became the celebration of monogamous love that we see today is a little bit misty to say the least. But good old Wikipedia does its best to explain more.

Flowers really are a very popular gift for Valentine’s day, but there are lots of alternatives! I’m going to generalise now, but how about:

  • chocolates
  • romantic meal
  • weekend away
  • lingerie
  • perfumes and aftershave (Yes, I know lots of women who like their partner’s aftershave for themselves)
  • ‘experiences’ gifts like spa days
  • jewellery

It can be difficult buying vegan gifts for men, particularly romantic presents, which aren’t always appreciated (I am generalising here a little bit!).

So, I’d suggest that you take the individual into account, and think about their hobbies, pastimes, things they enjoy and consider things like:

  • An Experience gift – the ‘Fun Together’ experience box listed in my guide for example
  • Chocolates or sweets
  • Quality alcoholic/non-alcoholic spirit
  • Grooming products – aftershave, soaps etc
  • Lifestyle products like protein powder gifts, or gym clothes
  • Do they like fast cars? Choose a day on a race track experience
  • Do they like sport? How about a favourite team’s sports top, or a stadium tour


Many people think it is more difficult to buy Vegan Valentine’s Gifts for men. I’d suggest that you think less about it being Valentine’s Day, and more about what they might like to receive as a gift at anytime.

If you love the idea of a romantic dinner at home for two, but cooking isn’t your strong point, what about a meal kit?

Read a review of Grubby’s Vegan Recipe Box here at Vegan Sisters for more inspiration on that.

Alternatively, read this vegan recipe box guide on Edible Ethics for more options.

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