Are you contemplating changing to a natural, vegan deodorant, but don’t have time to sweat the small stuff and look for the best one? Or, maybe you have already made the change and chosen one that hasn’t worked for you, leaving you poorer and, well…smellier?

Let’s face it, there has been a huge wave of these products hitting the market in recent times, so no one could blame you for deciding that it’s easier just to pong for a bit rather than try to choose one. But when it gets to the point that even your cat says they’re going away for a while until you sort out your odour problem, you know it’s time to take action. Providing the action’s not too energetic, obviously.

Well, Vegan Mum has come to the rescue with this Best Vegan Deodorant Guide. We have tried and tested a range of products and can therefore present the ultimate guide to the best natural, vegan deodorants available in the UK.

So sit back, relax, and take your pick from this useful guide – without even breaking a sweat. 

Vegan Mum’s Top Picks for the Best Vegan Deodorant

Is vegan deodorant always natural?

The short answer is no, not necessarily. When something is vegan, there is a common misconception that it will also be natural.

Equally, not everything labelled ‘natural’ is vegan.

Also worth noting that ‘natural’ isn’t always ‘best’. Bird poo is natural, but I’m not about to recommend rubbing it into your armpits…

And anyway, most products contain processed ingredients – i.e. not in their natural state – to some degree, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing (although always treat processed ingredients with caution). It’s all about balance really.

You can read more about this in Vegan Mum’s What is Natural Deodorant blog.

Why should I use a natural, vegan deodorant?

Generally (and I say this with some caution), most natural ingredients will be kinder to you, and kinder to the environment to produce.

Of course, there are exceptions, and some disingenuous brands will present ingredients in an obscure way. Just one example is palm oil – a natural product – but if grown unsustainably, one that has a devastating environmental impact.

However, on balance it is still wise to look for a deodorant that is largely natural because it is likely to do less damage to you, and to the planet.

Specifically, look for products that are aluminium and parabens free. Aluminium is used in antiperspirants to actually prevent you from sweating – that doesn’t seem very natural to me!

I have been using a refillable, natural, vegan deodorant successfully now for over 2 years, and my family still seem to quite like me. Well, none of them have run away screaming when I go to hug them anyway, even though we are a family of introverts…

Why do I still smell after using natural deodorant?

Well, yes, this can happen. So let’s look at the reasons why, and what you can do about it.

  1. The first thing to know is that you will still sweat. This is because natural deodorants are aluminium-free and do not have antiperspirant properties that actually prevent your body from what it does naturally – sweating! However, many natural, vegan deodorants contain ingredients that will help to soak up the sweat and neutralise it.
  2. Secondly, there is often a ‘bedding-in’ period as your body adjusts and adapts. Years of antiperspirant use can take some getting over! This can take several weeks.
  3. It can also help to re-apply your natural deodorant during the day if you are finding that you start smelling less than fresh. Just a quick mid-afternoon swipe/spritz can make a huge difference.
  4. If you have done all of the above but still see (smell?) no improvement, you might find that another natural deodorant will work better for you.
  5. Lastly, maybe – just maybe – we should get used to being a bit more ‘natural’ ourselves. Some level of odour (and I’m not talking overpowering stench here) is quite natural, and some even find it an attraction. Pheromones and all that…

Here are the best vegan deodorant brands

Orange plastic Fussy deodorant case nestled on a log in dappled sunlight
  • Best everyday

Fussy Deodorant

  • TYPE: Refillable stick
  • FRAGRANCE: Various

Fussy is a very well-established brand offering a reliable natural, vegan deodorant that works very well for many people.

This is a sustainable product where you buy a refillable plastic case, and purchase regular refills in a variety of great scents (subscription available). The refills come in compostable packaging too.

This effective product works by using a range of ingredients, including lactobacillus (yes, you will see that in your yoghurt), which basically fight off the bad bacteria with good bacteria – simple!

Occasionally, people with a baking soda sensitivity will react to natural deodorants like Fussy. They do keep this ingredient to a minimum, and have a sensitive range too. But if you do react to it, you may just need to use another product.

I have not experienced any white marks with this product either. I try not to apply too much – and just make sure those pits are dry first!

New customers can get an exclusive 15% discount – use the link below and add code: VEGANMUM15 at checkout

Pale metallic green Wild natural vegan deodorant case, next to a pink and white cardboard tube of Wild mini deodorant, both lying on a sun-dappled log
  • Best scents

Wild Deodorant

  • TYPE: Refillable stick
  • FRAGRANCE: Various

Wild is another natural, vegan deodorant that works along similar lines to Fussy – you buy a refillable case and then regular, compostable refills. Again, a useful subscription service is available.

They have a pretty cool choice of metal refillable cases too, and the Wild scents really do smell great. You can also buy Wild mini deodorants in cardboard tubes which are great for travelling with.

And for you sensitive souls out there, they offer a range of baking soda-free scents in case that is an ingredient you, like others, might react to.

I have had the occasional white mark using Wild, but I think that is when I have applied too much – a bit of temptation when the scents are so appealing unfortunately!

New customers can get an exclusive 10% discount – use the link below and add code: AFFAW10 at checkout

Orange tube of AKT natural deodorant balm lying on a log in dappled sunlight
  • Best for heatwaves


  • TYPE: Balm
  • PRICE RANGE: £££
  • FRAGRANCE: Various

Some people have said that AKT has been a gamechanger for them, and I can see why. This balm has worked incredibly well when I have used it. Not only that, it looks fab on your bathroom shelf and feels like a luxurious product.

Deodorant – luxury – really?

Yes, really!

And, as if it wasn’t glamorous enough, it was designed by a pair West End performers, so you can just sense that showbiz glitz rubbing off on you as you apply it…

In fact, this is such an attractive brand, their gift sets make lovely presents (providing the recipient doesn’t think you’re hinting at something).

The packaging, the branding and the actual product all feel high quality, and this stuff really works. It is particularly useful in very high temperatures when a stick deodorant might just end up leaving you in a bit of a sticky mess.

Downside? Well, it is at the higher end of the price range so you may want to keep it for special occasions, or when things are really going to heat up.

Some are also a little squeamish about applying this direct to their armpits, but I personally don’t have a problem with it. And actually, it’s quite nice to get acquainted with a bit of your body that so often gets ignored…

Vegan Mum readers can get an exclusive 12% discount – use the link below and add code: VEGANMUM12 at checkout (not valid for subscriptions or samples)

A white plastic bottle of 'Oy!' organic 'young' deodorant
  • Best for young adults


  • TYPE: Roll on
  • FRAGRANCE: Vanilla & Orange

This gentle, largely organic roll-on is perfect for those younger adults who want a grown-up looking product, but one that still looks like it belongs to them on the bathroom shelf!

With safe ingredients and fragranced with essential oils, you just know the aloe vera and shea butter is going to be kind to young and sensitive skin. It also avoids using baking soda, a common ingredient in many other natural deodorants that can sometimes cause a reaction.

Whilst not refillable, the packaging is both recycled and recyclable, so should appeal to any environmentally-conscious young adult.

Whilst this has been tried and tested by a young adult, reviews suggest that even those belonging to older generations use this because of the lovely scent, and still find it effective too.

I find it a little pricey, and would love to see a more environmentally-friendly container, but it’s a good product from an ethical company.

Brown glass bottle of Evolve natural vegan deodorany
  • Best roll-on

Evolve Organic

  • TYPE: Roll on
  • FRAGRANCE: Fresh natural

This 100% natural, certified organic roll on contains lots of recognisable ingredients, and avoids the use of bicarbonate of soda (baking powder, which can cause sensitivities).

As with all entries on this list, it is aluminium free and instead uses prebiotics to control odour, and with aloe vera as a key ingredient, it is suitable for use after shaving too.

There is a cream version too which is good.

Like any product that contains essential oils though, it is not recommended for use during pregnancy. See section above on using natural oils during pregnancy for more information.

The packaging is recyclable except for the label which is a little irritating, but still better than many.

white plastic bottle of Green People scent-free deodorant
  • Best scent free

Green People scent-free

  • TYPE: Roll on
  • FRAGRANCE: Unscented

Another good offering from Green People, who also produce Oy! (an earlier top pick in this list).

This one is definitely for adults, but is still gentle enough for people who may have certain skin sensitivities. It has a 3 way action to fight those odours, including prebiotics, alum (not to be confused with aluminium salts) and zinc ricinolate.

Using largely organic ingredients and containing aloe vera and shea butter to calm irritated skin, this could be a good choice if you find you are reacting to the baking soda commonly used in natural vegan deodorant, or to the fragrances from essential oils.

Packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Biork crystal deodorant in cork packaging
  • Best plastic-free


  • TYPE: Crystal
  • PRICE RANGE: £££
  • FRAGRANCE: Unscented

My partner’s current natural vegan deodorant of choice, and not to be confused with Bjork, the Icelandic singer. There’d be questions asked if he was keeping her in the bathroom cabinet, believe me.

This one always feels like a leap of faith when you use it. You can’t really feel it when applied – you put it on whilst your armpits are still wet, or alternatively, wet the stick – but it really does seem to work.

Well, I can confirm that my partner smells just fine anyway, and although this looks to be a more expensive option, it lasts, and lasts, and lasts…

And the real plus with this little wonder of nature is that they have packaged it in cork. Now I know that there is some concern around the over-harvesting of cork (comes from trees – who knew?), but this brand have clearly stated the sustainability of their source.

So, this little stick of potassium crystal, made in Switzerland, is a great plastic-free alternative. And it’s good for you sensitive bunnies out there too.

Brown plastic tube containing Pitrok Crystal Natural and sensitive deodorant
  • Best Sensitive

PitROK Crystal

  • TYPE: Crystal
  • FRAGRANCE: Unscented

Another crystal entry, although at a much lower price point. It is packaged in plastic however which is a shame and makes it less environmentally friendly. It is a good gender neutral design though if that’s important.

This fragrance free crystal stick is simply made of mineral salts, so very natural. And with no added fragrances, it is very acceptable for many of even the most sensitive skin conditions.

PitROK keeps your armpit odour at bay all day, without clogging up your pores – you can even use it on your feet. Amazing! You just dampen the end of the stick with wet fingers, then apply.

A mineral that has been used to prevent stinky pits for hundreds of years has got to be one of the most natural products out there.

Green and white plastic pack of Mitchum natural vegan deodorant
  • Best Budget

Mitchum Natural Vegan

  • TYPE: Stick
  • FRAGRANCE: Cedarwood

Whilst these Mitchum products are ‘accidentally’ vegan (they are not a brand that sets out to be vegan to my knowledge), this is a good budget option for a natural, vegan deodorant.

I’m not entirely sure why every single one of their deodorants is gender specific – I’m assuming it is because of the stereotypical fragrances used – but don’t let that put you off if you are looking for a value for money option. You can probably work out from the fragrance names how you would feel about using it, whatever gender the product suggests it is most suitable for.

This Mitchum Natural Vegan Deodorant Stick is effective, regardless of fragrance, and uses bamboo powder to soak up those damper bits into the bargain. Again, there are some ingredients in there that you may want to avoid if you are particularly sensitive though.

Packaging is plastic, but recyclable.

Discount Codes for vegan deodorants

Vegan Mum has some exclusive discount codes for you on some of the vegan deodorant brands in this guide. Please note Ts&Cs apply:

AKT: Use code VEGANMUM12 for a 12% discount

Wild: New customers use code AFFAW10 for a 10% discount

Fussy: Use code VEGANMUM15 for a 15% discount


Why do some natural vegan deodorants contain alum?

Natural vegan deodorant may contain alum, which is a naturally occurring aluminium sulphate, not to be confused with the more harmful aluminium chlorides. Hence, your natural vegan deodorant that contains alum is still effectively aluminium free. Take a look at Alum on Wikipedia to find out more.

Can I use natural, vegan deodorant when pregnant?

That depends very much on the ingredients list, and this doesn’t only apply to natural and vegan deodorant products. Many non-vegan, non-natural products use things like natural essential oils for example.

It is recommended that the topical application (i.e. putting on your skin) of essential oils is avoided, particularly during the first trimester. However, there are some oils that are safe, so…

…this is a complex area and I am not a medical professional. Instead, I would strongly suggest that you read these useful resources:

Healthline’s guide to essential oils in pregnancy

Complementary medicines during pregnancy NHS guide

We have also published a Guide to Vegan Pregnancy which focuses on nutrition during this important time.

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