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Hi, I am Vegan Mum. Welcome to my world!

I am a vegan blogger, mother and the proud human companion of Coco the dog.

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Who is Vegan Mum?

Well, I’m a vegan of many years, and a Mum, so I guess the clue is in the name! And with my gorgeous grandson now in the world, I’m also a Nansy.

My reasons for creating this website are equally straightforward. Learning to live as a vegan, particularly with a family, can sometimes be very easy, and occasionally very challenging.

So, I hope this website facilitates conversation and helps people to see how easy it can be to live as a vegan. But also, I hope it tackles some of the more knotty problems that can come your way.

Most of all, whether vegan or not, I hope it’s an enjoyable way to pass some time.

Penny the vegan blogger and founder of Vegan Mum

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