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Who am i?

Well, I’m a vegan and I’m a Mum, so pretty straightforward really. Known as ‘Mumsy’ by my 3 grown-up children, it is (hopefully) a benign term of endearment!

And with my gorgeous grandson now in the world, I’m also a Nansy. Similar sentiment I hope.

So that’s it, I’m not really all that interesting and you may therefore be wondering why I have this website! But veganism is interesting and learning to live as a vegan can at times be very easy, or very challenging, depending on the circumstances.

Veganism causes you to ask some important questions:

  • How do you deal with that legion of flies in your kitchen?
  • What do you do about the mouse chewing through the wires in your loft (and competing nightly with Ryan Gosling for that tap-dancing trophy)?
  • Should you take your GP’s advice and break from your vegan lifestyle whilst you’re pregnant, or bringing up young children?
  • What are we going to eat tonight that’s quick?


Yes, the last point is tongue-in-cheek (but probably heard in vegan households throughout the land!)

Anyway, I hope this website facilitates conversation, helps people to see how easy it can be to live as a vegan, and tackles some of the more knotty problems that can come your way.

Most of all, whether vegan or not, I hope it’s an enjoyable way to pass some time.

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