Wild Deodorant Review Summary

If you are looking for a natural, vegan deodorant, you’ll probably be pleased to know that I’m very impressed by Wild. I love the aluminium case, the great range of scents, the sensitive skin options, and the deodorant’s overall effectiveness. Wild has put a lot of thought to this product to make sure that it works really well, but also to minimise the negative impact we all have on the planet every time we want to buy something to make ourselves smell better! Read my full Wild Deodorant Review below to find out more.



Editor’s rating: 4.7/5

Feeling Wild already?

Pale green metallic Wild deodorant case, with the Wild logo at the bottom of the case. Next to the case is a small pink and white cardboard tube containing a travel sized Wild deodorant. The Wild logo is picked out on the white cardboard tube in large pink lettering

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Wild deodorant review

It can be useful to understand a bit more about the pros and cons before you make a buying decision, so read my full Wild Deodorant review below if you’d like to know more.

Please note that I have not received any payment or free product in support of this Wild Deodorant Review. It is based on my purchase of the product.

Refillable, engravable aluminium case

Pale green metallic Wild deodorant case, with the Wild logo at the bottom of the case. Next to the case is a small pink and white cardboard tube containing a travel sized Wild deodorant. The Wild logo is picked out on the white cardboard tube in large pink lettering

The case is made from aluminium, although it does also contain some plastic where necessary. However, it is refillable and certainly feels sturdy enough to last a very long time. The case, and the home compostable refills, all reflect Wild’s commitment to the environment. In addition, should you ever decide not to continue using the product, you can send the case back to Wild for recycling.

Wild have certainly made the refillable case a bit of a fashion statement too, with a wide range of colours and finishes available, including some very glamorous mirrored ones! And guess what, you can have the case engraved too! How amazing is that? I have this pale green metallic case which I really like (it’s not engraved though!)

Continuing with the environmental theme, Wild deodorant is made either in the UK or in their eco-friendly factory in the Netherlands, so it doesn’t have to travel very far either.

Some people have reported problems putting refills into the case, but I honestly have not had a problem. You simply press the indents in the side of the case to release the refill holder inside. Put the refill in then slot it back in. Wild have very clear instructions on their website in case you do encounter any problems.

30 day money back guarantee

Green metallic Wild refillable case with Wild deodorant refill in front of it

It can take some time to adapt to a natural deodorant but ultimately, if it really doesn’t work for you, Wild will refund you for your original order. There are some things to think about though before you conclude whether or not it works for you:

  • Firstly, remember that Wild is not an anti-perspirant and so doesn’t contain ingredients like aluminium salts to stop you from sweating. You can read about this on my natural deodorants blog if you’d like more detail. The upshot is though, that you can still expect to sweat. It is what nature intended after all! Wild is designed to deodorise your armpits and it does do this, but some people take a little while to adapt to the lack of synthetic chemicals in natural deodorants. Let’s face it, we’ve been spraying who knows what into our armpits for years, so you need to give it a good 2-3 weeks. At worst, I have found that under very hot conditions, I sometimes have to re-apply later in the day. But with Wild’s travel size deodorant sticks, this really isn’t a problem.
  • The only other issue that some people occasionally experience is a reaction to the baking soda in natural deodorants but again, with Wild’s sensitive range, they’ve got this covered.

So in conclusion, you shouldn’t need to avail yourself of this 30 day money back guarantee, but I’ve mentioned it in this Wild Deodorant Review so you know it’s there, just in case you do!

Amazing scents and sensitive skin range

Wild deodorant compostable refill in front of a pale metallic green Wild deodorant refillable case

Well, come on, who can resist scents like Pomegranate and Pink Peppercorn, or Toasted Marshmallow?! The scents range from fun (think Coconut & Vanilla) to sophistication (Camomile Tea with French Lavender) with ease. And they don’t overpower you, or fight with other perfumed products you might use. But as you apply it, you know just how great your armpits smell!

With such a wide range to choose from, there really is a scent to suit everybody. Include their limited edition scents that come out from time to time, and you’ll be smelling great in no time (I recently tried their cherry blossom fragrance and really loved it).

Not only that, but they also have several scents available in their sensitive skin range which is great. So often, products developed for sensitive skin are simply unscented – maybe for understandable reasons – but Wild have been very careful about their ingredients. As a consequence, they still offer scented versions.

Take a look at Wild’s ‘What Scents Do You Have? page for more information on their classic options.

Wild also have 3 permanent sensitive options (available at the time this Wild Deodorant Review was published):

Mini deodorants for travel or to sample

3 small pink and white cylindrical cardboard tubes, close up. Branded with the Wild deodorant logo and containing a travel-sized sample of the deodorant. All the tubes are lying side-on on a green waffled material

This was a real winner for me for a couple of reasons:

  • These are sticks of Wild Deodorant in a cardboard tube – perfect! When you are trying something out for the first time, you don’t necessarily want to make the investment (monetary and environmental) in a refillable case. As a user of another well-known natural deodorant, my husband started to develop a reaction to it. Before moving to the unscented version on offer with his original brand, which we both considered was a bit boring, he decided to try out Wild and so bought Wild’s mini travel deodorants to try out. This worked out really well and he has now moved over to Wild permanently.
  • The second great thing about these mini deodorants is that you can keep one in your sports bag (or even your handbag if you use such a thing!) and not have to remember to grab it from the bathroom cabinet every time you head off to the gym (or the office). How often have I come out of the shower, looked for my deodorant only to remember it’s downstairs in my swimming bag. Very annoying….but not any more! My aluminium case sits proudly in the bathroom cabinet, and the mini deodorant travels with me – problem solved.

Can leave white marks

Wild natural deodorant case in pale metallic green in front of a pale green plant pot containing a 'monkey Mask' plant that has large lobed leaves with holes in. Slightly behind and to the right of the deodorant case is a Wild deodorant refill in a small white cardboard container, with the Wild branding in green lettering on the front. This image reflects this blog about the Wild deodorant review

You’ll see some reviews where people have said this, and I’ve experienced it myself. However, Wild’s advice which is to make sure your armpits are really dry, and not to apply too much, is useful and appropriate. On the occasions where I have had marks, it has been because I’ve been too impatient, or simply too vigorous in my application!

I have certainly not experienced any of the marks that I used to get with traditional anti-perspirants.

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Conclusion of Vegan Mum’s Wild Deodorant Review

As I’ve probably already demonstrated in this Wild Deodorant review, this is a good, reliable product that competes well with its rivals both in price and effectiveness.

I love the range of scents, and find that the product works effectively, although I do detect some odour by the end of a hot or particularly active day. But I have it on good authority (my husband!) that it’s not noticeable to anyone else. And he would tell me, believe me!

I was already using a natural deodorant when I first tried Wild, so I may have benefited from being used to them. As a consequence, I didn’t experience the transition period that some people do. However, if you do experience a transition period, it is really worth persevering. It’s not the same as wearing a traditional anti-perspirant, and sometimes you might have to reapply it. But in return, you are getting a natural product that is kinder to you, and kinder to the planet.

I’m also a big fan of the case, which I think is less fiddly than some of its nearest rivals. Some people do seem to have struggled with it though, so Wild have helpful instructions on their site. But honestly, if I can get my brain round it, anyone can! The ‘twisting’ bit is a bit of a pain, but it seems there’s no getting away from that with any of these cases at the moment…

Wild Natural Deodorant isn’t a perfect product (but then, nor am I) but it’s a good, reliable one that does its job well. So, I hope this Wild Deodorant Review will help you to decide whether or not it’s the right choice for you. And don’t forget, if it really doesn’t work out, you always have that 30 day guarantee.

Wild are now starting to produce other appealing personal care products too, and you can read about some of those in my Best Vegan Soap Bars blog.

In addition to this review of Wild Deodorant, I have added some FAQs at the bottom in case you have more questions.

Discount Code for Wild Deodorant

New customers can use voucher code: AFFAW10 at checkout

Where can you buy Wild Deodorant?

Wild Deodorant is becoming available in certain retail outlets, but to really benefit from their subscriptions, full range and special offers, I’d recommend buying direct from Wild’s website

I hope this Wild Deodorant Review has been helpful.

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Why is my Wild deodorant not working?

For some people, there is a transition period when you first start using a natural deodorant like Wild. This can make it seem like it’s not working and that it’s not for you.

However, as I’ve mentioned in this Wild Deodorant review, Wild are clear that you should really persevere because it is caused by the good and bad bacteria in your armpit getting involved in a bit of fisticuffs. The bad guys have had it their own way for a long time if you have been using anti-perspirant, but don’t worry, the good bacteria wins in the end…

Are Wild deodorants any good?

Yes, I believe Wild deodorant is very good. I have tested several natural deodorants and Wild is a top scorer for me.

The important thing is to make sure that you are not comparing natural deodorants to anti-perspirants – a product that actually prevents you from sweating.

Wild deodorises and helps to absorb sweat, but doesn’t stop your body from producing it.

Is Wild deodorant good for sweaty people

Whilst this product may not suit absolutely everyone, for most of us, Wild works very well, even those of us who get…well, erm, damper than others.

The tapioca starch helps to absorb your sweat, and on the hottest, most active days, I have simply reapplied it and it has always worked.

Does Wild deodorant clog pores?

No, this deodorant should not clog your pores.

However, I have found with Wild, and other natural deodorants, that a gentle exfoliation mitt or similar is a good thing to use when you shower. It just helps to remove any waxy residue that you might feel.

Does Wild stop you sweating?

No, it does not contain aluminium salts and other ingredients that an anti-perspirant might contain to stop your body from sweating.

Wild’s view (and I personally think this makes a lot of sense) is that your body should sweat – it is a natural process and has a function.

Usefully though, Wild does contain tapioca starch that helps to absorb the sweat rather than stop you from making it in the first place.