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Dogs, just like humans, can get problems with their mobility through disease, injury or age. Fortunately, dogs can now benefit from relevant dietary supplements too, so if your dog is suffering from stiffness and joint pain, read this Omni Joints & Mobility Supplement Review – I hope you find it helpful.

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2 white plastic tubs resting on a moss covered tree stump. Both contain Omni dog supplements and are branded with the logo 'Omni Rescue'. 1 of the tubs is lying on its side, showing the logo and contents clearly, the other is with the top of the lid facing upwards, with the Omni Rescue branding in large letters

Our dog, Coco, had an occasional limp on her front right leg for some months which was then compounded by an almighty leap from the sofa. The pain clearly became more consistent from that point, so we had to take remedial action, including starting her on Omni Rescue’s Joint and Mobility Supplement which contains glucosamine and chondroitin. Her mobility is improving, and we have supported her recovery in several ways, not just with the supplement. But I do know that it contains all the ingredients that research into dog – and human – joint pain suggests are helpful. This Omni Joints & Mobility Supplement Review describes our experience with this one-a-day chew, as well as highlighting the other things we have done to help alleviate Coco’s aches and pains.

Editor’s rating: 4.8 / 5

  • Plant-based supplement
  • Easy to use
  • Vet recommended ingredients
  • Packaging could be better
  • They’re not cheap

This post has been sponsored by Omni, but reflects Vegan Mum’s genuine opinion of the product.

Why choose Omni Joints & Mobility Supplement?

I chose this particular product because it is completely plant-based, and because Coco has been thriving on the same brand’s Senior dry dog food for well over a year – the quality is consistently good and I really like the thought, research and innovation that continues to go into Omni. They are manufacturing dog food products that are nutritionally complete, using environmentally-friendly ingredients, and with largely planet-loving packaging materials (although I make an exception for the supplements unfortunately). And I’m not alone in my confidence; their Trustpilot score is high, and I can’t see any evidence that they have ‘buried’ bad reviews – a trick that some less scrupulous brands are known to try!

The positives

Omni’s Joints & Mobility Supplement is vegan, formulated by vets and nutritionists using well-researched ingredients, and is really easy to use. Let’s go through those positives in a bit more detail.

Plant-based supplement

A joint supplement for your dog that is completely vegan – amazing! Omni believe that theirs is the only pet joint supplement containing 3 essential ingredients that are all from non-animal sources – hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin. I guess the traditional pet food and nutrition sector relies heavily on by-products from the meat industry, therefore few other manufacturers will be looking to source their ingredients from plants because there are easier options. This supplement is different and completely chimes with my values – I can’t condone cruelty to other animals in order to feed my dog when it is entirely possible to buy effective, trustworthy products – like Omni Joints & Mobility Supplement – that don’t use any animal-based ingredients.

Easy to use

white plastic tub with the lid off - photo looking down into the contents - branded with 'Omni Rescue' logo, a picture of a vet holding a dog, and lettering on the front of the tub showing the contents - 1 a day soft chew supplements. Additional lettering advises that the product is vet formulated. The tub contains a pile of chewy dog supplements which are 1-a day, illustrating they are easy to use

As you can see from the photo, it looks like a yummy, chewy morsel and because they are formulated to be so tasty, dogs treat them as, well…as a treat! So, just ensure you buy the right sized supplement for your dog (Small, Medium, or Large) and give them 1 every day. All the right levels of ingredients and nutrients for your dog will be contained in that 1 chew, so don’t be tempted to give them more, even if they look longingly at you! And if for any reason you did want to give your dog a lower dose, just break it in half – no capsules to open, or complicated mathematical equations to wade through to work out the right amounts! I find these supplements are just so easy to use.

The ingredients in this Omni Joints & Mobility Supplement are everything you’d expect to see because they are tried and tested, and are largely the same things that go into most human supplements for the same conditions. Formulated by vets and nutritionists, they contain:

  • omega 3 blend to help stiff joints
  • glucosamine and chondroitin – basic building blocks of cartilage to support joint structure
  • hyaluronic acid and vitamin c, to neutralise free radicals (always sounds like a really exciting video game to me) and lubricate joints
  • methylsulonylmethane (MSM) to encourage collagen production, and a well-documented anti-inflammatory

The negatives

I’ll have to admit to being a bit disappointed with the packaging of this supplement, and – of course – like many things, it would great if it were a bit more affordable. Here’s some more detail on that.

Packaging could be better

white plastic tub in the foreground, branded with 'Omni Rescue' logo, a picture of a vet holding a dog, and lettering on the front of the tub showing the contents - 1 a day soft chew supplements for dogs with joints and mobility issues. Additional lettering advises that the product is vet formulated. In the blurred background are 5 more stacked tubs of Omni supplements for different conditions

The plastic pot the Omni Joints & Mobility supplement comes in is really quite large, and is only half-full. True, the pot is pretty light, so no great weight involved in individual transportation, but why are they so big? And plastic too. There are supplement companies out there doing some innovative things with packaging, so I hope that Omni, like it did with it’s dry food range, will be working on something in the background to put this right.

They’re not cheap

Omni’s Joints & Mobility supplement isn’t cheap. For a medium sized dog (if you make a one-time purchase without applying any discount codes) it will cost you just over £1 per day. Whilst I believe you’re getting an effective, high quality product, the cost may be beyond the reach of some dog owners. However, there are discount codes available, and subscribing will also give you an initial 20% saving. You could factor in too that Omni offer free online vet consultations when you subscribe, and perhaps making this investment in your dog’s health might also help avoid costly vet bills in the future.

Vegan Mum’s Conclusion

a tub of omni joints & mobility supplement chews - image of Coco, the white lhasa apso dog's head and shoulders. She is looking and sniffing at a white plastic tub of Omni Joints & mobility supplement which is resting on a fallen log in a garden setting

If you met Coco, you would quickly realise that she’s not really guard dog material. However, when she takes a flying leap from the top of the sofa onto our stone floor because she’s heard a doorbell on the radio (we don’t actually have a doorbell) you’d think she was filming a Mission Impossible episode and that her presence was immediately required to fend off invading hordes. The most exciting it gets round here is the postie to be honest, and she’s friend, not foe. But anyway…

The point is, her acrobatic displays have taken their toll on her shoulder, and she has been dipping on it – off and on – for sometime. The most recent instance was taking much longer to clear up, so my first port of call was the vets to make sure she hadn’t incurred a serious injury, or started developing any condition that might cause her pain and discomfort in the long term. And the vets would certainly be my recommendation to anyone whose dog is showing any kind of mobility issue because you don’t want to miss anything more serious.

Fortunately, there was no obvious injury. However, we did discuss that (like her owner) she might be starting to feel aches and pains relating to her age. As a result, it seemed like a good idea to start giving her an appropriate supplement so that she has the best possible chance of retaining her mobility and joint health. As a vegan though, it was important to find a suitable plant-based product that didn’t compromise my values, and Omni Joints & Mobility Supplement fitted the bill perfectly.

I knew though that the supplements could take some weeks to kick in fully, so in addition, I booked Coco onto a clinical canine massage service to ease the pain in her shoulder. The combination of the supplements starting to take effect, and her first massage, has made her a lot more comfortable and she is already back to a very occasional limp (normally after she’s been lying down for a while).

Of course, it’s difficult to be absolutely sure to what extent the supplement is helping, but that’s why the scientific research behind the ingredients is so incredibly important. It’s a bit of a leap of faith, just as it is when you take a supplement yourself, so you need to have trust and confidence in the brand and its product, and know that the ingredients are effective and relevant. I therefore carried out my own research into both the safety, and the efficacy, of the main ingredients in this dog supplement, and have listed some of my research references below for information. That research gave me the confidence I needed to believe that this supplement will help Coco to remain healthy and mobile as she gets older.

Coco has 2 more massages to go, but I will keep her on Omni’s joints supplement permanently now because it seems to make sense to do so. Oh, and she now has a foam ramp to get onto the sofa – lovely addition to the living room furniture…if you happen to like foam ramps.

So overall, Coco seems to be benefitting from the supplement and her pain has clearly decreased significantly over the last few weeks – if only they could talk to us though, it would make life a lot easier!

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