The Pack vegan dry dog food – new product alert!

If you are interested in the nutrition and health of your vegan dog, read here about a new product that has just been launched on the market – The Pack vegan dry dog food. I have not received any payment for this article, and have published it because of my interest in this sector.

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It has been so exciting to watch the innovation that has been taking place in the fast-growing vegan dog food sector, and The Pack vegan dry dog food is yet another example. But with so many new products hitting the market, it can be hard to keep track, and also to know which vegan dog foods are good enough to entrust your pooch’s health to. That’s why I created my guide to the UK’s best vegan dog food brands which I know a lot of people have found to be helpful in making the decision about which vegan dog food to buy.

So, to add to their existing entry on that trusted list, The Pack has just launched The Pack vegan dry dog food, an innovative, nutritionally complete, oven-baked ‘crunchy feast’! They are already taking pre-orders for this new product, with the intention of starting deliveries in mid-October ’23.

Update: The product is now being delivered and is available for all standard orders and subscriptions.

Discount code for The Pack vegan dry dog food

As a reader of this article, you can get an amazing and exclusive 30% discount off your total order – wet or dry food, or both. Use this link to The Pack online shop, or you can make your own way there if you don’t believe me and use code VEGANMUM at checkout!

Why is The Pack vegan dry dog food different?

According to the brand, The Pack, their vegan dry dog food is different because:

  • it’s oven-baked at lower temperatures which locks in the ingredients and nutrients in their more natural state
  • it’s not extruded‘ (editor’s note: a process which is hitting the headlines at the moment because of its link with processed and ultra-processed foods.)
  • and it’s not sprayed with a palatant (editor’s note: a common process employed by many other producers of dry dog food (vegan or not). Palatants are designed to make the food appear more attractive to the dog, and are often necessary because the biscuits have been cooked at such a high temperature, they have lost much of their flavour and smell.)

The Pack claim that this is the first vegan dry dog food of its kind in Europe.

What’s in it?

Apart from the important stuff like pre and post biotics and essential nutrients that make The Pack vegan dry dog food nutritionally complete, it contains goodies like:

  • sweet potato
  • apple
  • pumpkin
  • peanut butter (OK, I’m in!)
  • beetroot
  • herbs and botanicals

Of course, being nutritionally complete means that it contains all the protein, fats, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to be healthy. Not only that, a huge amount of research has gone into this product from animal nutritionists and pet food technologists – the industry experts!

Will my dog like it?

That’s a difficult one to answer! However, The Pack have conducted some home trials comparing different dogs’ reactions to this new food vs an established, meat-based kibble and the results were favourable. (Editor’s note: Some dogs may take longer to come round to vegan dry dog food sometimes because of the smell, or because of the different textures in vegan wet dog food. However, it is normally a short acclimatisation period and most dogs will happily chow down to vegan dog food. And in my view, it’s better for them to!)

The Pack also produce wet vegan dog food and with the combination of the two, it’s now even easier to provide your canine companion with a varied and nutritious diet (although both are also stand alone products).

Update: Coco, my canine compadre, has now tried and tested this new product, and it got a big paws up!

Coco, the white lhasa apso dog sniffing at a packet of The Pack's new dry vegan dog food

Where can you buy The Pack vegan dry dog food?

You can buy The Pack vegan wet and dry dog food direct from The Pack’s website here.

If you don’t use that link, don’t forget to just use code VEGANMUM at checkout to get a 30% discount.

Presumably, once the product is being regularly distributed, The Pack vegan dry dog food will be available on Amazon too. You can currently buy The Pack’s wet food on Amazon here.

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